Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Poetry


Stockings are hung,
Carols are sung.
It’s a cold night.
The tree is full of light.
Santa is riding,
while presents are hiding
The snow is glistening,
and the children are listening
To sleigh bells ring.
Teens are standing
under the mistletoe
while It’s starting to snow.
Cookies are baking,
And the children are making
Christmas lists for Santa
While drinking their Fanta.

Valentines Day

Chocolates are picked out with care,
As love birds dance around the fair.
All the girls do their hair,
As the boys start to prepare.
Boys chose out the teddy bears with care,
in the hopes their girlfriend will like, thats fare.
Hearts are filled with love and care,
As the couples sit and stare,
As they look at each other with a romantic glare.

Bunnies hop around the grass,
As the kids start to laugh.
The chocolate piles up to the sky,
As kids are on a sugar high.
The grass is cut fine and pristine,
As the wives start to spring clean.
The men take out their grills to cook,
For Easter dinner, come and look.
The easter eggs hide high, and low,
When kids find eggs they say, Woah!
Baskets are filled with gifts and toys,
For all the little girls and boys.
Jump Rope, chalk, and jelly beans,
Thats what the Easter bunny brings.

Thanksgiving Day is today,
We bow our heads and pray.
Everyones ready to eat,
Not just turkey, but all kinds of meat.
Pumpkin pie is what we'll eat,
Cause pumpkin pie just can't be beat.
After we eat our bellies are full
With pumkin pie and jelly rolls.
Relatives come from near and far,
Not just by plane but by car.
Thanksgiving is a day to say thanks,
So bow your head and say grace.

Today we celebrate when you were born,
So sound the trumpet and blow the horn.  
Cake and ice cream is what we will eat,
Its always the birthday treat.
The gifts you wanted wrapped and bagged,
I promise that you won't be sad.
Blow out the candle and shut off the light,
Dont you dare tell me your wish tonight.
Your birthday is over, but don't be sad,
You will have one next year, and you will be glad.

New Years
Its a brand new year,
so It’s time for you to cheer.
The year is over now,
I really don't know how.
It went by so fast.
It never seemed to last.
I hope you all enjoy your new year,
Now go celebrate your new year.
When the ball drops,
We all start to hop.
The clock strikes 12,
now everyone yells,
its 2015.

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