Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Hour of Time 2
The man screams at me, “stop now!” I look to my left and then on my right and notice a window. I sprint to the window while the man grabs for his Ak-47. I break the window with the hip of my gun. I charge through the broken window just in time. Through the window was one of those roofs on the side of the building (not all houses have that kind of roof by the window). I walk along it carefully, but then started running after he started shooting at the wall. I was then hit on the side of my leg.
The blood dripped fast, I held my bleeding leg that has gone threw all sorts of trouble. Me kicking the zombie and then me falling on the ground. It just got worse for my leg. I had no choice after that, but to jump off the roof, I jumped off and fell straight into some leaves and then I had fainted. Since I was in the leaves he must have noticed me and taken me into the house. Since I’m not dead now I can’t be killed by the man.
I awaken to a different man putting a needle into me that had the words health syringe on the side. Before I could even speak the man tells me that, “I’m safe for now and that the psycho that had attacked me was dead now.”
I tell him, “thank you.”
He says, “you shouldn’t be thanking me you should thank the others.”
I say, “Others?”
“Yes there are other people and they are waiting outside I wouldn’t suggest getting up yet not at this rate. Your leg was going to be a huge problem if we wouldn’t have come to kill the man he had piles of supply and he wasn’t negotiating at all when we said we had kids starving and dying.”
I wait for the man to wrap my leg and give the go to get up. He tells me, “Just let me know when ya need help with that leg and you probably would expect this by now but I’m the doc of the group just come to me for aid.” I walk outside and I notice people everywhere working together to make a wall get food almost everything you could imagine was here. The population was a good amount there were two kids around the age of eight what I’m guessing, a man that is young and another middle-aged man, and three women.
Yet another man came to me. He looked like a middle-aged man and said, “Welcome to the group, I’m Herald the cook of this fine establishment.” He was African American and looked great for his age, he was tall as well.
I ask, “Where are we?”
“Well we are not too far away from where you came from just at the inside of town. The only thing I fear right now is how long we will be able to stay here. Bandits and zombies will eventually get in. Well I got to start cookin’ but before I go I’ll tell you who’s who. The little man is my son Jerald and the little girl next to him is Darla no one knows what happened with her, we found her sleeping in a bush, can you believe that? Anyways the two men building are Wolfgang and Jeremy and last but not least the three women, December, Becky, and Sophia. Ask around and they’ll help you out see you later, little man.”
Before he takes off I tell him my name, “My name is Timmy!”
“Alright, Timmy, I’ll see you later!” I first go to two men working on the wall. I ask, “What is your guys goal with the building?”
The man who looks like Wolfgang tells me, “listen, kid, we can talk later, but I would rather stay focused. If you have any questions, you should ask the women over there.”
Jeremy tells me, “Hey don’t let him mind you. He just hasn’t been the same since the outbreak.”
I walk over by the kids instead of the women. Jerald looks at me and Darla acts confused. She tells me, “I thought your dad said NO MORE NEW PEOPLE!”
Jerald responds, “I don’t know why he is here! look new guy we got our eyes on you!”
One of the women come up to me and said, “Hi my name is Sophia, they’re just shy. When Wolfgang came in they hated him and thought he was a werewolf Because of his name. (she giggles) They got used to him and now they’re closer than ever.”
I respond, “It's alright I’ve been through all sorts of people saying wacky things like this all week.”
She tells me, “If you need anything we are all right here.”
I continue on with my time by checking out every bit of the base. One thing in particular that I noticed, was they had a watchtower in the middle of the place it wasn’t built by them it must have been there, but it was a great vantage point. It had also been locked up. I had many questions about the place and was going to question them about it when I had the chance.
I walked right over to Herald and asked him what he really cooks since there was no electricity, “Oh in the place the only thing they could think of naming me was chief since all I did was get food and set a fire to cook the other foods I get.”
“What about the tower up there. Do you know why its locked up?”
“I have no idea, my boy. You should probably get started and ready to go to bed. Its getting late.”
I respond, “Okay.”
Just as we all start to go to bed gun shots splurted outside. Then Herald screamed,”GET INSIDE! THERE IS A BATTLE GOIN ON OUTSIDE JUST KEEP DOWN!” To be continued……...

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