Thursday, December 11, 2014

November Poerty


It’s like a darkness,
alone and sad.
How do I start this,
I’m so glad.

At the start I wonder,
if I'll ever see.
When the thunder,
will set me free.

She’s angry and black,
no one has seen her,
Since the day with Jack.

I tell you don't go,
she’s out there waiting.
She will show,
awake and dashing with a glow.


It makes you feel alive;
alone and free.
The sensation and drive,
it’s easy to see.

Up above the stars so high,
lies a world with love and laughter.
In the day you can't see the night sky,
but when the sun goes down it all happens after.

Floating in the sky,
watching clouds.
I wish I could fly,
I feel so proud.

I feel like the sun,
alone at last.
I want to run,
all the way to my past.


Life is hard,
boring, and sad.
Pick a card;
you might be glad.

Life is easy,
fun, and sweet.
Never queasy,
it’s a treat.

Life gives you a chance;
it’s not fair.
Don’t just glance;
give it a glare.  


It’s sad and scary,
no one is ready.
To have emotions to carry.

People love and grieve,
laugh and cry.
It’s time to leave,
so say good bye.


Hard and soft,
suck and chew.
Be careful to cough,
some taste like glue.

Chocolate’s sweet,
it’s so cool.
I might have to tweet,
when I’m in school.

Sugar’s sour,
sugar’s sweet.
I have the power,
to eat the treat.

Summer to School

Kids are happy,
screaming and playing.
Climbing trees that are sappy,
summer’s fun I’m just saying.

Do your work,
no one cares.
School is boring,
I’m just going to stare.

Squishy things

Fun to cuddle,
fun to touch.
Fun to eat,
fun to clutch.

How I love,
my squishy things.

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