Monday, December 22, 2014


Once upon a time there was this little boy, older brother, and sister. Their parents both went out hunting and gathering for the children that night, but when the parents left they always tell the kids to lock the door. They thought nobody was out in the forest but them. They were wrong!! Their parents never came back that night. They were very worried, but they were like dad is an expert hunter. They weren't worried at all, so they went to bed. They woke up, and their parents still were not back. They were getting really hungry, so the oldest brother went out to get food. and he seen both of them laying on the ground dead he looked at them and cried but he seen two strange markings on their necks se he looked at them closer and it was two big holes, its a vampire he said. He dug holes for his parents and though the bodys in there he covered them up and went back to the house.
The next day, they started packing up all of their things to get ready for the 100 mile hike that they had ahead of them, so they got all of their things and got all of the food everything  that they could bring with them. They all were outside the house, and the older brother said well here we go no turning back now and the little girl said I don't wanna leave what if mommy and daddy come back to life they won't they're dead so lets get as much hiking and we can and get this over with we can get the cops and tell them what happened and they can check it out so they started their trek up the mountain it was starting to get dark and they started seeing strange things happen so they all stopped the oldest brother said we have to make a shelter and fast so the oldest sister started to work on the fire and the rest of them started to get shelter made get broken branches for the fire and she stuff that they need. Finally it was dark and it was a full moon that night and all the wolves were howling at the moon and all of the little creatures were coming out for a midnight snack especially the vampire gang there was five of them one had a pack of cigarettes in his hand that was jim bob the second one had a golden chain that dragged when he walked that was theona, the third one was riding a unicorn that was whone he was a big boy, the fourth one was a midget he rode his pony his name was cuddles and last but not least they was the biggest vampire of all, he always had his teddy bare that smelled like strawberries his name was jirome.

They seen the kids around the campfire and and jim bob I need to light my cigarette. All of the children screamed but the vampires all looked at them why are you guys screaming and then theona was like ya homie why you screaming dog come on lil homie dont scream i'm the nicest one out of all of us here whone was the one who sucked a girls and boys blood last night the children all gasp. The vampires said what's wrong with that, thats what we do and if any of you get cut and we see or smell your blood your dead theona was like ya homie ur gone boyyyy. But that boy and girl where our parents they started crying. Theona was like i'm sorry boy i didn't know homie.  

So that night the kids went to sleep and the vampires went went away so they thought     

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