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Outbreak Part 2: The Hope of Safety

Outbreak Part 2: The Hope of Safety

“Come out ya cowards!” The voice says.
“We had a deal!” Another says. I wake up to the sound of gunfire hitting the building. Glass windows shatter, and chaos unfolds.
“Frag out!” One voice says. Oh please no! Suddenly an explosion shakes the old building. I fly off my feet, and my leg hits the medical equipment.
“Ouch!” I yell in pain. I look down and see a gash in the side of my shin. That’s gonna hurt later. I get up, and limp down the hallway. I see an emergency exit sign, and I sprint toward the door. The door comes to meet me, and it hits my face. I look up and see a scarred face staring at me in disgust.
“Bag ‘em.”
I wake up, and I’m strapped to a chair with my feet in water. Oh no, god please, I think to myself, I’ve seen this in movies. They are going to interrogate me. Suddenly two faces appear from the darkness. I see the evil in their eyes as they look me up and down. One grabs a pair of jumper cables and attaches it to a car battery. No! Then the man who stared at me opens his mouth.
“ So you couldn’t keep the deal, huh!” He says, the veins in his neck bulge.
I can’t say anything because my mouth is taped shut. I look him right in the eye, and see he will not show any remorse by killing me. I am shaking uncontrollably, and my feet are freezing. I feel terror rushing through my body numbing everything.
I feel a sudden wave of anger, and a red tint covers my eyes. I scream, and rock the chair.
“What do you think you’re doing!” screams the man. I keep rocking, and eventually I’m tipping over, and halfway down I kick the man in the face. I hit the ground, but I didn’t realize my hands were behind the chair, and I feel my wrists snap under the weight, and I scream. I slip out of the rope and sprint toward the guy with the battery.
He can’t do anything as his head hits the table with a loud thump. I run down the hall to the steel door. I open it swiftly, and I see a small farm standing in front of me. I look behind me to see where I was held. A corn crib was looming over me, still against the harsh wind. The sky is a painting of gray clouds with a sunset in the distance. I hear the gruff voice scream in anger.
“Captive has escaped into the farm, flush him out!” This is not good at all. I sprint toward the farmhouse, and open the door. I walk into the living room complete with a lot of wood furniture. The fireplace is still aflame with orange tongues of fire touching the seared bricks in the fireplace.
I slip into a closet beside the kitchen and hold my breath. I hear the door swing open, and slam against the wall. The voice is full of rage as it screams to no one in particular.
“Show yourself you coward!” He waits for me to come out, but I stay in the closet. He says to someone else. “Smoke ‘em out.” Smoke me out, what? I wait in the closet for another minute and then hear a bottle break against the house. Suddenly the house bursts into flames. I see the warm glow from the blinds of the closet door.
I swing the door open, and the flames are spreading towards where I am. I sprint to the window facing the back of the house. I run through the fire, and feel the heat under my feet, I scream as the fire touches my legs. I jump through the window shattering it into a million pieces, most of them stuck in me.
I land in a heap of corn stalks. I get up and sprint blindly. I hear another bottle break, and this time it has landed at my feet. The corn instantly catches fire and creeps towards me. I keep sprinting, and then I hear loud pops from behind me. My chasers are swearing trying to run through the fire. The pops are getting closer. I eventually get to the edge of the cornfield, I see a gas station in front of me, it is too quiet. I then see a flash of light from the top of the station and then hear a loud boom that echoes in my ears. My ears are ringing after the boom, and I am on the ground covering my ears. I turn around and see a dead man laying on his back with a hole in his head.
I’m not dead, yet, why am I not dead? I think to myself as I stand up, I hear my heart thumping like a drum. I hear a voice from the gas station command,
“Get in the station, now!” I sprint to the gas station, and swing open the back door. I sprint into the main room. This station is also a diner, so I could stay here for a while if I wanted to. The stranger comes to meet me in the diner and is sweating bullets.
“We really need to go, right now!”
Should I trust him? He is a man in probably his late 30’s, and by the look and smell of him he has been on the edge for a long time. He grabs my arm with his right hand and picks up a pistol with the other. He sprints out the door with me struggling to keep up. He keeps running until we arrive at a green SUV, and he stuffs me in. He jumps in and starts the car. He looks back to me, and throws me a gun.
“You’ll need this!” He starts driving erratically and almost hits a telephone pole. In the chaos, I wonder why he gave me the gun, then my question was answered. From behind us, I hear the screeching of tires and yelling. It’s my capturers! I pick the gun off the seat painfully because my wrists are still broken, and put my head out the window. Instantly a bullet flies past my head. I sit back down then the back windshield is blown out.
I instantly turn around, and aim for the tire of their black truck. I shoot right next to their front left tire. Then a bullet flies through the back to hit the front windshield in response.
“This car isn’t going to last long if you don’t take ‘em out right now!” Screams the man. I then turn around and shoot blindly and apparently hit one of it’s tires, as I hear the car screech off the road, and crash into the ditch.
“Close call back there!” The man says as he is panting. We keep driving for a long time before we stop at one of the largest hoards of all time. The hoard of zombies is moving as one giant mass.
“Are they migrating?” the man questioned.
“I, I don’t know.” I stumbled staring at the mass of walking corpses. Eventually the hoard passes and we start driving again. I haven’t seen that many zombies since New York. I guess the migrating explains why I haven’t seen many zombies since I got kidnapped. Speaking of which, where am I? “Where am I by the way?” I ask the man.
“Why, you’re in Wisconsin young man!” The man exclaims. Wisconsin...seriously? Those kidnappers must have driven over 1,000 miles without hitting a single zombie, probably because of the migration. I drift into sleep, while the car is still driving across the countryside. I wake up to the thought of where we are going.
“Where are we going?” I questioned.
“Oh, forgot to tell ya, we are going to a safe place up north!” The man exclaims excitedly.
North Wisconsin? I fall back asleep as I relaxed at the thought of my location.
I wake up to the man shaking me, telling me to wake up. I look up, and we are on a highway with stopped cars littering the road. The cars appear to have not been taken care of in a long time because they are rusted over. The brown mixing with the red to create an unattractive, gross color. We have been weaving through the corpses of automobiles for at least 1 hour before the man says “Where are you from by the way?” the man asked.
“New York, apparently,” I say.
“Apparently?” The man asks.
“Well, I can’t remember anything before…” The flashbacks come back. The man’s body on the ground. The horrible groaning from the monster. It eating my assailant. I shiver from the horrible thoughts.
“It’s fine if you aren’t comfortable with talking about it,” the man suggested. The rest of the walk is just awkward silence between me and the man. As I’m walking I look at my wrists. The bones are white splinters pushing through tan skin. What was with that red tint over my eyes, and how angry I was? I think as I stare at my injuries.
I wonder what this man’s name now, I never asked him. “What is your name?” I asked the man.
“Oh, I’m Gary,” the man says. He smiles at me with a warm look in his eyes. “We are almost to our safe haven by the way,” the man says excitedly. I smile at the thought of being safe for once. The man sees the happiness on my face, and he turns around and keeps walking forward.
I walk with a little more jump to my step. We walk for 30 minutes before he says that we are here. I look to see a farm with a huge barn in the distance. It looks like heaven from what I’ve been through. I smile as I walk to my new home.
The end… until part 3.

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