Thursday, December 11, 2014

Along comes Josh

                I am Sophie Heartfilia, I have blonde hair and brown eyes, and I’m smart, stunning and lovable. I’m also an author from Europe. I came to America for inspiration for the sequel of my newest book Betrayal. One day, I was sitting in my favorite café shop waiting for one of my friends that went to Ireland to study abroad. The bell attached to the door rang. I turned around and standing there was Josh my friend that went to Ireland. I haven’t seen him for about six years. We kept talking over the phone and we Skype all the time. I was so happy that I was finally going to get to talk to him in person. The bell attached to the door rang. A man stood in the door. He had Brown hair and blue eyes that looked like ice.
“Josh! I am so glad your back!” I said and I hugged him.
“H-hi Sophie, been a long time hasn’t it,” He said.
“Yah it has.” I said, letting him go.
“Sophie, I really can’t stay too long.” He said.
“Why?” I replied.
“I have a job that I have to do, and I should have been doing it hours ago so bye.” He replied.
“Oh, ok see you later.” I said.
“I doubt it.” He mumbled so quietly that I couldn’t hear. I left the café and walked back to my apartment. The wooden stairs creaked as I slowly trudged up them. The lock on my door unlocked when I swiped a card through the lock and punched in the password. My apartment wasn’t the biggest or the most beautiful. The walls were light yellow and the carpet floor was white. I walked into my apartment. I walked across the room grabbed a book and plopped on my queen-sized bed with purple sheets. I had gotten too comfy so I couldn’t get up. I read my book while my relaxed body lay there, a good two hours passed. The buzzer in my room rang which forced me to get up. The red button on the buzzer was going off. I pushed it.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Hey Sophie can I come in?” replied the familiar male voice.
“Who is it?” I asked the voice.
“It’s Josh, let me in,” the voice said.
“Hold on, I will be there in a second.” I told him. I opened the door and Josh was standing there with movies in hand.
“You want to watch some movies with me tonight.” He asked.
“Sure, what movies?” I asked him curiously.
“I will tell you when we get upstairs to your apartment.” He said.
“Ok, but they better not be weird zombie movies.” I said to him. We walked upstairs to my apartment and he put the movies on the bed and spread them out. He had brought the movies called: Silent Hill, The Conjuring, Mama, Milo and Otis, Frozen, and Finding Nemo.
“So which one do you want to watch?” he asked.
“I didn’t really care for horror movies, but I knew he liked them. I was hesitant at first but I ended up picking The Conjuring. I sat through the movie huddled under a blanket covering my face at every scary part.
“Josh, this is a really scary movie,” I said quietly.
“Sophie, it’s a movie there is nothing to be afraid of.” He told me. Despite what he said I was still scared out of my mind. The movie was half way over now and I was scared. I hate scary movies. I was now huddled under all the blankets on my small sofa. I closed my eyes most of the first half of the movie, but I thought I should be brave and watch the rest without being scared. I could tell just by looking at him that he was annoyed at how scared I was. I tried really hard to not be scared, but it was no use. I just ended up completely covered in blankets. I was to scare to sleep, so I stayed under the blankets.
“Sophie, the movie is over you can stop hiding under all those blankets.” Josh told me.
“Oh, ok I said slowly coming out of the blankets.
“So, what movie next, and it doesn’t have to be a scary movie this time.” He said.
“Ok, can we watch Frozen?” I asked him.
“Sure, I’ll go get it,” He said. I sat there in silence until he got back.
“I got the movie.” He told me.
“Ok,” I said. We watched it and I sang along to the songs the whole time.
“Let it go, Let it go can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door. I don’t care what they’re going to say, let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.” I sang. Out of no were Josh started singing too. I started laughing while trying to sing because of how ridicules he sounded.
“What’s so funny?” he asked me.
“It’s nothing.” I said trying to contain my laughter. He looked at me, but then went back to singing the songs from the movie. Once the movie was over, we had gotten hungry.
“Sophie, do you have anything to eat?” he asked.
“Uh… maybe, let me check.” I told him. I walked over to my pantry.
“Let’s see, I have popcorn, stuff for ham sandwiches that’s about it. I said.
“Can we have both?” He asked.
“Yes we can.” I told him. We spent the rest of the night singing and watching movies. The next morning I woke up in his arms. I looked up to see his sleeping face. I wiggled free of his arms and went to go make some coffee. The sweet smell of the brewing coffee mixed in with the smell of eggs and waffles, woke Josh up.
“Good morning, Josh.” I said with a smile.
“Good morning.” He replied.
“I have food cooking, so if you want to stay for breakfast you’re welcome to join me.” I told him.
“I can’t I have a deadline due today, but I can take you out to dinner tonight if you don’t mind.
“Ok, I will see you later.” I said.
“Bye, see you at 8:00 tonight.” He said. As soon as he left I could feel my face heat up. I went into the bathroom and I looked in the mirror. My face was tomato red. I went back to the small kitchen and sat down to eat. I was so happy.
Josh is taking me out to dinner! I went into the other room that contained my computer and the copies of my books that I had written over the years. I began to type on my computer. When Josh said he had a deadline due, I remembered that I also had a deadline due. I was half way done with the sequel to Betrayal.
I never came up with a title for it. I read through Betrayal and came up with the title Savior. I went back to work on my book because the deadline was getting closer. I had been at work for roughly three hours.
“*Sigh* I’m never going to finish this book.” I said sadly. I kept looking around the room for a distraction, and my eyes landed on the clock. It was about 12:00.
“Eight more hours to go” I said out loud.
“Eight more hours to what?” a voice behind me said. My chair swerved around. In front of me stood a tall man with brown eyes and brown hair. I felt confused. What was he doing here?
“Are you going to answer me or not Sophie?” the man said
“What are you doing here?” I asked him.
“I’m visiting my little sister of course.” He said. The man standing in my room was my older brother Nick.
“I don’t want you here, get out of my house!” I yelled at him.
“That is no way to talk to your brother, Sophie.” He said putting his hand on his heart looking hurt.
“Get out!” I yelled. I hated my brother. He never did any thing for me. He was never there, and he always acted like a jerk.
“Fine, but I will be by later to retrieve some things that our mother wants back from you.” He said.
“Go away, I have work to do!” I told him. He left out the door.
“Why do they keep coming after me?” I asked myself. I worked and worked until 7:00. There was one more hour left. I got out of my chair and made my way to the bathroom. I was in the shower for about ten minutes. I got out and got dressed. I had to decide either to wear something not too fancy or something fancy. I decided to go for the casual look. I put on a pink t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of pink shoes. I decided to leave my hair down, but it would be curled. I waited on my couch and watched some T.V. until the red button on the buzzer rang.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Hey Sophie, are you ready?”
“Yes, I’ll be down in a second.” I replied. I walked down the creaky old stairs that lead down from my apartment. Once I was in the lobby, I saw Josh standing by the old pop machine. He was wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and red shoes.
“Good thing I didn’t go with the fancy clothes I had.” I said sighing in relief.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he said teasingly.
“Nothing, it just means that I was considering to dress nicely for you that’s all.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.
“Ha very funny.” He said sarcastically. I looked at him with a so what look.
“So where are we going?” I asked him curiously.
“It’s a surprise.” He said mischievously.
“Ok, but only if I don’t end up blindfolded.” I told him.
“Darn now it won’t be a surprise then.” He said. We left out through the lobby doors. On the way out my brother walked past me, and I stopped.
“Sophie, what’s wrong?” Josh asked me.
“It’s nothing lets just go.” I said quietly. We left the building, and I climbed into his car.
“Sophie, who was that guy in the lobby?” Josh asked me.
“Someone that I used to know.” I replied.
“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked.
“No.” I said. Most of the car ride was silent.
“How much longer?” I asked him
“10 minutes.” He said.
“Ok.” I said. He pulled over to the side of the rode.
“Sophie?” he asked.
“What?” I asked.
“I need you to put this on.” He said holding out a blindfold.
“Really, I said I didn’t want to end up with a blindfold!” I said defensively.
“If you don’t put it on it won’t be a surprise.” He said persuasively.
“Fine, but don’t do anything funny!” I said tying the blindfold around my eyes.
“I know.” He said as he started down the rode again. A few minutes passed and I was still blindfolded.
“Where are we going Josh?” I asked for the hundredth time.
“It’s a surprise.” He replied for the hundredth time. I didn’t ask again. The rest of the trip was silent.
“We’re here!” he said excitedly.
“Can I take this blindfold off now?” I asked.
“Not yet. I will let you know when you can.” He replied.
“Ok, but don’t let me run into anything.” I said as he helped me out of his car. My feet hit the pavement. I stood on what felt like a parking lot, but I wasn’t sure. He led me onto what felt like a dirt path under my shoes. We walked along slowly. The sound of animals and the smell of pine trees made me feel tranquil.
“Hey, where are we going Josh?” I asked him.
“You’ll see.” He replied. After a few more minutes of walking, he stopped. I felt him go behind me and untie my blindfold that I was still wearing. Once the blindfold was off, I was amazed. I stood in a meadow full of flowers. There was a small dirt path in front of me that lead deeper into the meadow. Josh and I walked along the path and suddenly came to a clearing. It was a flat piece of land with nothing on it except a dirt path. So many different colored flowers surrounded the clearing.
“Wait here.” Josh told me.
“Ok.” I said anxiously. A few minutes passed, and he came back. He walked behind me and put his hands over my eyes. I couldn’t see a thing due to his hands and that it was late at night. He led me along carefully.
“Josh, what time is it?” I asked him while he was leading me to the area.
“I think it’s about 9:45.” He said.
“Oh, I thought it would have been later then that.” I said. He kept silent until we got there.
“Sophie?” he asked.
“We’re here.” He said lifting his hands off of my face. I stood there staring at the place he had set up for me. There was a pink picnic blanket, a picnic basket, champagne, and candles that were all illuminated by the moon.
“It’s so beautiful.” I told him not taking my eyes off of the picnic he set up. After he didn’t reply, I looked up at him. He was staring at me.
“Josh?” I asked.
“It’s nothing.” He said grabbing my hand and started toward the picnic area, not taking his eyes off of me. We ate under the stars with the moon glowing on us. We talked for a while after we ate.
“I want to say sorry for not hanging out with you more.” He said
“It’s fine, I really enjoyed tonight, we should do it again sometime.” I told him
“Yah I would really like that.” He said. I had so much fun that night, but good things always have to end at some point.

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