Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dog's Lifetime

Once in a while you will find a dog
Stranded and alone with no place to go.
You will want it badly.
You will take it home,
cradle it in your arms.
Give it food and shelter.
It will be your best friend,
you will name it Kaydee.
You will make her happy,
share memories; she’ll be
the one you share everything with.
Go on walks and talk.
Explore life with her.
Feed her, water her.
Help her in hard times.
Diseases, death,
Like I said hard times,
But focus on fun times,
Remember her while you still have her,
It goes by so fast.
Like a cheetah,
Take her on little trips with you.
She sleeps at the foot of the bed,
Watch TV together,
Eat food together.
After a couple years,
She finds another dog,
Nine months later,
There are three little puppies,
Two girls and one boy,
The boy is Diesel,
The first girl is Jinger,
The second girl is A.J (Alania Jay).
One week in with the new puppies and you are tired,
Kaydee is tired,
out of breath.
Always getting up and going to take them outside,
Running to go buy more food for Kaydee,
Making sure Kaydee is feeding them.
Four weeks and it is better,
Wishing they would stay little.
Buy them new toys, beds, food,
Puppies are hard but are fun.
The hardest part will be selling them,
Letting someone else take them home,
Getting them new beds, food, toys,
That is something that hits you hard.
Letting go.
Maybe you keep them?
Maybe you don’t,
Keep them and breed them later,
To have more puppies.
I will keep the girls.
Sorry Diesel I will find you a good home.
A really good home,
One that will take care of you.
Hold you at night when it is thundering outside,
Give you food and water every day.
The day is finally here.
I found him a good home,
Goodbye Diesel.
Well it has been three months with these two puppies,
Four months,
Six months,
Seven, eight, nine, ten.
Fast forward,
Two years later.
Aj is all grown up with her two little ones,
All boys,
Jinger has a girl she was to tiny to have more than one.
The pups are grown up; the worst part has come.

I am sorry, goodbye Kaydee.


  1. I like how you talk about how you feed her and give detail about letting them go.

  2. I really liked this ppow because of all of the detail you have put into it.


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