Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October PPOW

Douglas John Pankonen was born on May 29, 1975 and, born in Harlan, Iowa.
His parents are Rick Pankonen and Jackie Sanders. My aunts and cousins (his sisters, nephew and nieces) are Chris has four kids and they are Elly, Damian, Calin, and Brianna. Kelly has 2 kids and they are Garret and Emma. Regina has two kids they are Ethan and Gabby. Jessica has 2 kids and they are Madison and Peyton. Shane last but not least has 2 kids and they are Brigget and Carly. Now, Elizabeth and Lindsay don’t have any kids. His pets were Peanut Mutt/Rescue dog from the pound, Buck a Golden Retriever/ MEAN,shih tzu Charley his dad’s dog, lots of fish such as first piranha, and a goldfish.  My dads hobbies growing up were riding bikes in Anita. Going to the lake to go swimming in the lake. Dave and Crystal have 2 kids Jackson and Corbin, Gabe Hogusen has 1 kid Gunner , Shawn Paulsen has 3 kids Tucker Broady and Mckad, and Billy. Now this is the starting of his world. Father was a local business owner in Avoca sold the Exchange then moved to Anita. then he started school got good grades went out for football, wrestling basketball,track, and baseball. He got to go see the Vikings in the Metro dome at thirteen.
Mom and dad got divorced and, mom owned a restaurant, and dad owned a bar so he had to work a lot. he had to do the dishes, mop and, bust tables he said it was hard. He had to stay with grandma and grandpa a lot before and after the divorce.He thought it was fun because grandma always bake things to have for snacks and grandpa took him fishing and hunting a lot, Grandpa taught him how to drive. he had to help jack his grampa bale hay, take care of pigs, like cut there teeth, tails, and testicals off. Mom got remarried to Blake Sanders, and dad got remarried to Janet Peterson. about 5 years later dad got divorced,his dad died 1998. In sophomore year broke both bones in his leg and dislocated his ankle. then he was in the hospital for two months for screws to be put in his foot Then junior year didn’t do anything except for work because he had to have the screws taken out of his foot. He had a 3 wheeler and bought it himself! His first automobile was a Chevy S10 truck! he had to help jack his grampa bale hay, take care of pigs, like cut there teeth, tails, and testicals off! He signed up for the Navy when he a Junior and left two weeks after he graduated he went to bootcamp in Chicago and went to school in Chicago for the Navy! Then he was stationed in the charleston, South Carolina. He got to go to an espn boat lotter race in fort lotter dauyderal flordia. He went to Cuba for a month for to see Puerto Rico. Got out of the Navy and came back to Anita. Work on Construction and a little bit of bartending for extra money. Then he met my mom Brenda, then i was born. He moved to Wiota, then to Exria, then back to Anita, got married in 2003. He got a dirt bike when Ricky was born. I didn’t get to ride much since I was very young I was 4 years old. he said if i could kick start it i could get it and I did so we got it.During that time he worked on the road building houses for about five year. He was a subcontractor for about 3-4 years, then went to menards. Shortly after moved to Shelby. Him and mom got separated in 2012. Grandpa and grandma went to a nursing home. Moved to avoca in a big house. started at Proliant and moved to an apartment in Shelby again. got divorced in august 2014. Proliant is where they make beef broth. they chop up cows and then clean the bones and the meat. Grind up the bones and the meat and make broth. One day he came home and smelled really really bad because one of his workers didn’t know he was in fixing something and turned it on. He got smothered with acid and he had to run to the emergency showers. Sometimes he comes home late when i am not at his house.

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