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The Stranger in Town- October PPOW

The Stranger in Town
One quiet sunny morning on August 19 in Charlotte, Iowa, a girl named Megan woke up to the sun shining in on her eyes.  She rolled over, put her feet on the ground,  got up and headed to the bathroom. She went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and put her clothes on.  Megan headed out the door to the bakery to get some breakfast, just like she did every day.  
On her way there it was a little different than normal.  There are more cars on the side of the street next to the bakery.  
She walked in and said, “Good morning” to the baker and his wife.
Megan headed to where her favorite donut was and grabbed it then grabbed a chocolate milk.  She then paid for her stuff and sat down at the table where her and her friend always sat at.
While Megan was eating, a man walked in.  She had never seen that man before in Charlotte.
She thought, “Well maybe he just moved here?”.
Megan continued eating her breakfast.  Then her friend Sarah walked in.  She saw her in the glimpse of her eye.  She turned around and waved her over to their table.
“Hey do you know who that guy is?” Megan questioned Sarah.  
“No, I have no idea who that is!” Sarah stuttered.
Sarah said to Megan, “I am going to grab my breakfast quick.”
Sarah went and grabbed her favorite donut and some apple juice.  She walked up to the counter and paid for it. On her way back the stranger stopped her.  
He came up to her and said, “How are you today?”  
“Good so far, how about you?” Sarah replied.
Megan sat in her chair listening.  She still could not figure out who he was.  She started looking at his bags and what he was wearing.  Then all of a sudden Megan noticed something.  Sarah was being recorded.  The man had a microphone hooked on him.  Megan continued to listen carefully.  The man was asking Sarah some random questions.
He asked her, “What are you doing in the bakery this morning?”
“Well, I come here every morning and eat breakfast with my friend, Megan. We eat our breakfast and talk a little. Then when the clock hits 8:15, we head to school,”  Sarah answered.
The man said, “Well, is your friend here yet?”
Sarah pointed at Megan and said, “Yes, of course there she is!”
“Well tell your friend to come on over!” said the man.
So Sarah hollered at Megan, “Come over here this guy wants to talk to us.”
He asked Megan, “Hey, what’s your name?”
“My name is Megan,” Megan quietly answered back.
The man asked them a few more questions and then let them go, and he got some breakfast.  Sarah and Meagan went and sat back down at their table.  
Megan nudged Sarah and whispered, “That guy was recording us!”
Sarah turned white.  
“What is he going to do with it?  What can he possible, do with it?  Is he going to broadcast some where? We have to ask him!” Sarah worriedly asked.
“ I have no idea, Sarah! Do we go ask him or ask Betty, the Bakers Wife?” replied Megan.
Sarah leaned back in her seat.  She was so nervous.  She didn’t want to be on the radio or television, neither did Megan.  They both sat there quietly for a few seconds.  Then Sarah got up and headed toward the counter.  Megan quickly got up and followed behind Sarah.  
Sarah leaned up toward the counter and asked Betty, “Who is that guy who came up and started talking to me?”
“He is a reporter from a big city.  He wanted to come talk to people from a small town,” replied Betty.
“What is he going to do with the recording of me?” Sarah asked.
Betty replied, “He is going to edit it and then put in on the radio.”
“What!” Sarah answered.
“Yeah, he is going to put it on the radio and called it “Small Town Amazing People”.  You might become really popular!” said Betty.
Sarah and Megan said, “Okay Thanks for breakfast and thanks for your help!”
They looked at their phones and it was 8:15.  The girls headed out the door.  They started walking to school.  
Sarah turned to Megan and said, “OMG we are going to be popular!”
Both the girls were very excited!
A few weeks later the girls were in the bakery listening to the radio.  They heard themselves.  They both looked at each other in shock.  They finished eating their breakfast and threw their trash away.  They were ecstatic!  
As they walked out the door, they both hollered to the Baker and his wife, “Thanks again for breakfast!”
They were so excited to get to school.  They couldn’t wait for everyone to be talking to them about how they were on the radio.  As the day went on, the girls were smiling the whole time.  At the end of the day, they both walked to the park.  They swung for a while, enjoying themselves.  In the end, there were two very happy girls!

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  1. My favorite part was when you made it seemed like the man was going to
    do something to them, but he was just a big reporter. Overall, good job Kyley


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