Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Freak Incident

Freak Incident

            As the 3:30 bell rang, Billy dropped everything, but his coat, off at his locker. Billy was a good student in school and had good grades. He was not the most popular but he was ok with it. He lived near Lake Michigan. He was happy about it because he could go fishing whenever and he loves fishing. He is a kid that would die to be out doors everyday of his life.
On the bus he had to wait an hour till he got home, so everyday he took a nap on the bus to pass the time. This day was different though because when he woke up he was not at home. He woke up because of a bird that was chattering at him and pecking at him as he laid on the edge of a lake.
“Where am I and why am I not wet from the water?” he said out loud.
For some reason, he was dizzy and everything was blurry. Once that had passed, he looked around. He was trying to figure out how he got there. He first started just by looking for anything that was a sign of how he got to where he is. Then he saw a bridge with a hole in it and some cars that where crashed. He thought of all his friends on the bus and was hopping they were ok, but then he realized that the bus was not on the bridge.
It was in the lake. When he realized that, his mind was going everywhere and he could not think. He tried to stand up, but couldn’t. His leg was broken so he made a splint and it was working, but he had to hobble. He was not sure of where he was at and there was nothing around him to tell him where he was. All he knew was that his bus had crashed into the lake and he needed to find help as fast as he could.
Since there was nothing that he could use to get anywhere fast with. He just started to walk along the lake. On his walk, he saw dead fish and other animals drinking from the water. He was still looking around when he saw a road it was not busy. In fact, it had no cars on it at all.
He walked over to the shoulder and started walking in what he thought the highway was. All this while all he could think about was what happened to make the bus fall into the lake and if anyone survived. He did not think he was far from the highway, but he hobbled about 2 miles and the road he was on was disappearing. When it started to disappear, he turned around and had to walk twice as far as what he would have had to. At least he was in shape and this walking did not bother him.
When he got to the highway he was trying to get a ride but no one would stop. He gave up on that and started to try and find a way to the town and find out where he is. Off to right there was a sign with Lake Michigan on it and also had all the history and events that happened there. He really wanted to cross the bridge, but with all the cars he did not want to get hit. The other thing stopping him was he was afraid of heights.
He decided to stand and get a ride to town. Finally, a local stopped because they knew him, but everyone in his town knew him and his family. When they stopped they asked “ Why are you out this far from home alone?”
He answered with “ My school bus somehow crashed and ended up in the lake. I am the only survivor that I know of and I need a ride into town.”
“ I know right where u need to go, Billy.”
            They drove into town, and they took him to the police station. For almost 2 hours he had to argue and convince the police to send out a rescue team to look for the others on the bus. When he was done talking to the cops, they called his parents and dropped him off at home. He thought it was really cool to ride in a police car and see and the gadgets and things that they use. On their way to his house, he asked the officer questions about the equipment he uses and how it works.
When they got to his house he said thanks and went inside. When he was inside of his house, his mom and dad started with the questions. It was 9 by the time he got home, so the questions were expected to be asked. He told them about the crash and asked them if they would take him to the bridge. Amazingly they listened and took him to it because they rarely do what he asks.
It was quiet on the ride there, but it wasn’t quiet in Billy’s head. He kept thinking of all the possibilities of what could have happened. It was too soon for ice and snow, so they couldn’t have hit ice and crashed. It was a small town, with no burglars or people who would do anything bad. It is a town where everyone knew everyone and they helped someone if needed.
When the got to the bridge he got out and looked at the hole. It looked like the bus just slid with the side going through the wall, but when he looked over the side he saw wires. He fallowed the wires up over the wall and then it broke. The bus must have hit the wire and something happened, but what because all that was gone was part of the wall. The next day he went back there right after he woke up and got on a boat.

He wanted to look at the bottom of the bridge and when he did he saw that the wall wasn’t gone either. Somehow someone got it so it pulled the bus off the side and moved the wall so it looked as if it was gone, but really it was just under the bridge. This was weird to him because nothing like this has happened before in his town. So he went back to the police and told them. They started yell at him that they sad they could handle it, but he said “My friends where on that bus and I wanted to help save them, so I went early so I could look at the bridge.” They ended up letting him help and let him explain his theory of what happened.


  1. I really enjoyed this story it would be awesome if you wrote a sequel


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