Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Death of Me

      The Death of Me
             Hi my name is Cynthia Rose Peterson, and I was only 17 when I thought  my stepfather murdered me in Sacramento, California. You are probably asking yourself why did your stepfather kill you. Well here is how it happened. It all started on a dark windy night. When my stepfather Frank started move in with my mother, my little brother and I.  Frank did not like me for many reasons. He did not like who my friends were because he thought they were bad influences. My mom loved my friends she thought of them as her own kids. I also didn’t even call him dad because I don’t think it’s right!
So let’s go back into the past before I was killed. There was one night when I got grounded for my grades being bad. My mom said “ Cynthia I got a call today from your school.” I responded “okay what did they say.” I knew it was about my grades not being as good as they use to be. My mom said “ Some of your teachers are worried about you, they said your grades are dropping.” I replied “ Well if I get my grades bumped up by this weekend can I go to Emily’s party and then spend the night?” Even though my mother was thinking about it, she said, “ I suppose but if they aren’t then no party, also your grounded till then.”
So later that week I started to ask my teachers if I could get some missing assignments and if I can redo some of them. After I got my papers from my teachers at the end of the day, I decided to go home and start working on them and tried my best not to get distracted. When I finally got home I went straight up to my bedroom and started getting things done. My mom saw that I was working my best of trying to get my grades up.
On Friday, my mom told me before I drove myself to school that I could go to the Emily’s party. My mom was proud of me, but on the other hand, you had my stepfather that didn’t agree with my mom of letting me go. Before I left I went straight upstairs and packed my things for the night. Before I left Frank said “ Just so you know I don’t agree with her one bit.” I just walked away thinking your not my dad, so im not going to listen to you.
During lunch time, Emily asked me is if I was still coming, and I said yes. She had also told me that her parents would be out of town this weekend. When school got out at 3:30 I went straight to my car and left the school. As I was driving my mom called and said “Let me know if you need anything tonight.” I responded “Okay I will.” When I got to Emily’s house we went straight up to her room and put our stuff in her room. Then we finally went outside and started decorating for tonight.
The party everyone has been talking about this whole week is finally here. Tonight is the night where I can finally be free from my home without being lectured or being yelled at over simple things. During the party I could barely hear anything because the music was so loud. I started getting dizzy, so I told Emily I was going to go inside and lay down for a bit. She asked “Do you want me to come with you?” I responded “No, I think i'll be okay but thanks for asking.” As I went inside I got myself a cup of ice water, and lay down on the couch. Then I watched one of my favorite tv shows Awkward.  I stayed inside for the rest of the night. As I was watching Awkward I heard a noise coming from the front door. I got up off the couch and open the door and there he was, just standing there staring at me. Staring at me as if he were trying to tell me something as if it were the last time he would see me. It sent chills up my spine. It was Emily’s dog Bear wanting to come inside. As I let Bear in, I saw a black truck sitting across the street with someone sitting in it watching the house. I thought it looked like Frank’s truck, but I thought to myself “ why would he be there watching the house”. When the party was over and everyone had left and we said our goodbyes to our friends,  I saw the truck leave.  
The next morning, around 10:30 we all got up and made some breakfast. We all had waffles, toast, milk and orange juice. After we stayed there for a little longer, I finally went home. I got to my house at 3:25, I pulled into my driveway the garage was open and Frank was in there. I got my stuff out of my car and I just ignored him. He had mumbled “That was some party.” I know what he had said I kept on walking to the front door. I knew my mom wasn’t getting home till 5 or 5:30 so I went to the store with my little brother and got some things to make dinner. When I got home I carried the groceries in as fast as I could so I could get started making dinner.  I made salad and spaghetti. It was my mom’s favorite but she would get some when she got home. My mom had called me and she said she was working later than usual. I could have waited for her, but I was too tired.
Later on that night after I did the dishes I went to bed. As everyone went to bed, I had turned on a little light so I could write in my journal. After I was done writing in my journal, I went downstairs for a glass of cold ice water and there he was just sitting there by the window drinking a glass of wine. He had asked me “Why are up so late”? I had responded “It’s not that late it only 9:30”. I continued to fill up my glass of water.
That night he asked me if I wanted to go for a little drive to wait for my mom to get home, it’s just something to do. I was thinking that I should not go but I couldn’t help myself so I said yes with and excited look on my face. As we were leaving I asked if we were going to take Bently my little brother. He had responded with a grin, “No I don’t want to wake him it will only take a little bit”. A we got in the truck, he said to me “Maybe this will help our relationship grow”. I looked at him and responded “Maybe, and I am sorry if I was rude it is just hard to see my mom get back into a marriage”. As Frank was driving  I had asked him where we are going he had said “It’s a surprise”! I thought  hmm… even though he had been drinking he still wants me to like and accept him as my new father. I wasn’t feeling the best so I decided to tell him I wasn’t. He said “Oh here have this pill it will make you feel better”. Although I started getting dizzy I took it. When I woke up it felt like it was 200 years of me just being passed out for just 30 minutes. As I woke up I was in a dark room, I had a window and a glass of water. I stood up to go look out the window and I was in a house in the middle of nowhere. All I could see if trees just hovering the surrounding. I ran to the door and tried opening it but it was locked from the outside. I ran back over to the window to try opening it wouldn’t open either. I heard a creek in the floor, I hurried to the bed and layed down and started to pretend I was sleeping. He unlocked the door then he opened it. He had said to me “I know you are not sleeping I heard you run”. I asked “Why are you doing this to me, I thought you loved my mom, Bentley and I”? He responded “No, see you got this all wrong, I don’t love your mom, Bentley, or you, I have been killing and tearing families apart.” I had said back to him “Well what are you going to do when my family or even my friends find out I'm Missing”? He had a grin on his face and left the room and locked again.
That night Frank had came into the room. He left the door opened for some light so he could see. I woke up instantly he had cut me with a knife on my leg. I started to cry as he kept cutting me. I jumped up from the bed and bolted for the door. I got out of there I ran as fast as I could. I got out of there, I was running I wasn’t looking back to see if he was coming. I heard a truck, then I looked back it was him! He had gun of the window trying to aim for me. After 2nd bullets went by. The 3rd one had got me right near the heart I collapsed. Well you know they say 3rd ones a charm. He stopped his truck and got out then he got me. Then that was the moment I died. After that I knew it was the day where it was the end for me.

I suddenly woke up again and realized I had a nightmare. I woke up in a pool of sweat on my bed. I thought to myself that my mom is still married to my dad, I still had friends, and the  most important thing I was still alive. From that little dream it scared me to death. Maybe I will start thinking about how I am treating people too. Also I doubt my parents will separate for a very long time they love each other way to much. Again, I thought to myself again, that I won’t die for another century, well hopefully not.

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  1. I really liked the part when she went to the party. The part where she woke up made me happy that it was just a dream. My favorite part when she found out her step-dad went to the party to spy on her.


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