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October PPOW

October PPOW

It was cold in the crate; he didn’t know where he was, but he knew he was soon to meet the end. He didn’t know what to do; it’s been days since he ate, his stomach was like a chainsaw rumbling inside him. Suddenly the crate opened and people came in, they grabbed him by his collar and dragged him out. They threw him in a heavily guarded truck, he knew he would soon perish, so he mustered up as much strength he could get and tried to run. Bang! He fell back; the guard closest to the exit hit him with the butt of the gun and he was out.
 He awoke when the car’s tires screeched to a halt. The people took him inside a small undercover base, and then he was there, in front of the man who killed his men and took him for information. The mysterious guy put him in a small-enclosed room with cameras everywhere, then the man asked what his mission was, but he would not answer so he took matters into his own hands. He tortured the soldier until he finally cooperated with him. 
“My name is captain Jones, captain of the team you killed. My mission was to get this hard drive that was taken by some bandits deep in the Amazonian jungle.”
The guy asked what was on it, “That is classified I cant tell you.”
“Why are you stalling?” said the guy.
“I’m not, I’m trying to think here so let me think and be quite. Suddenly there was a helicopter landing and rustling from outside, Bang, the roof of the enclosed base came down, he was saved, he thought until he heard the people talk, he knew they weren’t on his or the other side he made a quick dash for it. He made it out but was lost in the middle of nowhere. He knew they would find him so he had to find the perfect hiding spot where he could hide for awhile.
 Suddenly he heard a noise coming out of a bush, he hoped and hoped it was an animal but he was uncertain about what the strange noise was coming from and then…it was a little village girl and she knew where he was because she was looking right at him. She told him to follow her and for some strange reason he trusted her, he shouldn’t have though because it turned out, she was a leader of her own.
 She makes profits by selling supplies and counterfeiting money and that’s how she built her empire and no one knows her crooked ways except the ones she has tortured.
“Let me out please I didn’t do nothing,” said James.
The girl had a bold and loud voice “Be quiet prisoner”. The girl was thinking about something big but what?
It’s been a year since James seen daylight, He doesn’t know how to escape, but for some odd reason she let him go. There were guys with guns all around him and, then he saw an American helicopter it was a miracle will he be saved. … They went right past the helicopter and back where he came from. James knew they were taking him back to the mysterious man. “Here you go Muhammad,” the guard said. “My good friend how’s it like over there?” asked Muhammad.  The guard said it was fine and said thanks to Muhammad for transferring him to there.
“So you thought you could run away? Pity.” Said Muhammad. “What do you want from me?” “ Its not what I want its what you want soldier, If you bring me that hard drive you can join my team and be set free and be one of us. So what do you want to do? Agree and not die, or disagree and be shot point blank?” “Okay I’ll do it don’t shot,” cried James. “Good now go,” said Muhammad.
James started to run to the deepest part of the jungle, he saw a base and a whole bunch of armed bandits and planted a bomb, than he found a rock to use to make the guards go to the bomb to see what it was, and bang they fell within a second, but that bomb didn’t kill them, it just knocked them out and when the people came out to see the bang. When they came out James snuck right past them into their base.
He found where they were hiding the hard drive and then he went for it, but all of a sudden an alarm went off and he had to hide, plus they were probably surrounding the area as he thought.
They came in and the hard drive was gone and so was James. There is something you don’t know about James, he was trained in the navy seals so he can go without being seen and he trained two years to be finally ready to do a mission. He escaped with ease and stopped for a while and then ran, but not to Muhammad, he went to his extraction point.
He had to hide sometimes but it was pretty easy until he got there, he had to get past a bunch of guards that were trying to get into the plane. He had a grenade but that would mess up the plane and they would all be stuck there so he had to do the old fashion way. He got in a tree and aimed, shooting them down one by one killing them all, then coming down. The plane had to go up because they were taking heavy collateral damage.
 He had to get to a high point so his only option was a rooftop, he ran and ran and found a village he started to climb with ease up the narrow buildings he got to the top and put a flare down. The plane came he was about to jump.
Muhammad stopped him though they started to fight but Muhammad was playing dirty he pulled out a knife and tried to stab James but James countered it and smashed Muhammad into the roof and they both fell through.
James got up first, but Muhammad recovered faster, Muhammad tried to push James out of the building, and he almost did, but James reversed it, and almost succeeded until they both fell out of it.  Muhammad stabbed himself with his own knife, he pulled it out and he was bleeding badly. Finally, he fell to the ground.
James ran back on the roof, but for some odd reason he wasn’t running that fast, then, he noticed a trap had caught him. The trap went straight up, lifting him and dangling him like wind chimes. He got out his knife and cut himself down and bumped his head and stabbed himself.
He awoke because of the throbbing in his leg, got up and hopped to a roof and the plane was still there, but it was leaving. He had one chance and if he fails it is certain doom, he ran as hard as his leg could let him and he jumped…. He caught the rope with one hand and was uncertain he would be able to hold on much longer.
The person who was in the plane helped him up and they went back to the United States. The person who helped him up was a general-named Frank Boles he was James, best friend, he asked for the hard drive and then said sorry and shot James point blank in the head. Frank Boles said “I found the hard drive and James was killed in action by a sniper bullet in his head and then, that was the end of James heroic mission.”
The End

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  1. I liked the way you used your word choice like in He tortured the soldier until he finally cooperated with him.
    “My name is captain Jones, captain of the team you killed. My mission was to get this hard drive that was taken by some bandits deep in the Amazonian jungle.” I thought what would you do if there was a squall of this storie


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