Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man

    Once upon a time, there was gust of wind rolling off the tree’s. Janet Had a feeling it was going to get dark. The sun was going under the trees as the wind was going up. Behind her, the noise escalated to a loud howl. She was getting scared. She ran past the bridge,ran past the old scary white building, and then to her old dirt road.
“A 100 meters”,she said almost home, the sound was getting closer she thought she never ran so hard when a howl was right by her. “I’m doomed.” she said, even though the house was a couple hundred feet from her. “I hope I can get to the house,” she said the wolf man is coming for me. She got to the house and grabbed her 9mm glock out of the closet, and loaded the clip she stood by the door with fear. She heard a loud growl by the shed, told her dad that this man that looked like a wolf was chasing her he said, “ it’s nothing sweety”.
“Why are you carrying that glock around the house”he said you will hurt someone or yourself” he said. “I’m not going to hurt anyone.” she said, “Ok.” he said. Janet then creeped out the door the wind was blowing a light gust, Janet held the glock in front of her with a steady grip. She heard a howl coming from the back shed then she walked over to it with fear she opened the door lightly and said “anyone there” no one replied. Then she was silent growl! “Ahh” she said, she shot a bullet right at it’s chest, then she thought what is this thing and pulled the mask off it was her older brother.
“Oh my god, I just shot james” janet screamed, and ran inside she called 911. Her dad came running out to see all the commotion, and said what did you do Janet. Janet said, “I had no idea it was James I’m so sorry.” The ambulance came rushing in, and took James off to the hospital. We followed it in a 2014 chevy pick up. When we got to the hospital James was in a room full of nurses we had to wait out in the lobby.
Janet said, “ I feel so bad about this” and started crying .“I just hope he is ok” she said. Then Janet walked into the bathroom to clean up her face from the crying.“I feel so bad “she said to herself “he has got to be ok, he has got to be ok” she said. Janet went back out into the lobby they had to wait for 3 hours until they could find an answer.
Then later a lady in a white apron came out to talk to us she said her name was “Jody”, and said “your brother is going to ok”. Soon, James got out of the hospital a week later,
, and was happy to be home. James said to Janet “at least you didn’t shoot me in the head” Janet said “yah at least I didn’t I’m sorry”. Later on that week Janet was having some pretty freaky dreams about killing people and woke up screaming in the middle of the night. She yelled “Daddy” as loud as she could. He came running upstairs, “what’s wrong sweetie” he said, “are you having bad dreams”.
“Yes, I can’t take it anymore I have these bad dreams every night”, “ I know sweetie, but I can’t do anything about it” he said. Next few nights, Janet continued to have these dreams and was waking up to screaming in the middle of the night. Next week Janet, and her dreams stopped being bad and walked down her dirt road for the first time to her pond where she had fished. She caught a big 19 inches, bass and a couple of crappie a great day to fish. It was getting to be 7 P.M. so she walked back home.
So she got up and started walking to the old road. She ran past the bridge, the old white building, then the little forest. It was getting really dark so she carried a flashlight and her 9mm glock. She was getting closer to the end of the forest, then she heard a coyote howl off in the distance was getting pretty scared, and so she ran faster. Janet felt that she knew her dad would be worried about her, but she didn’t care, she was too worried about getting home.
She heard another howl, but this time it was closer “I wonder if that’s closer than the last time” Janet said. Janet ran through the end of forest and was only a couple hundreds of yards from her house. Janet soon heard a another howl and it was closer than it ever been before right by her. She turned around creature with 2 long hairy legs, long tail, with a wolf face and a long hair body. Janet screamed as loud as she could and started running for the house.
Her dad came running out of the house with an AR 15, seen she was being chased and shot at the wolf man. He missed his 30 shots, and his clip ran out of ammo. So he started running at the wolf man with his long swiss army knife. Janet was still screaming and fell in a hole. The wolf man caught up to her, and bit her in the leg.
Janet started bleeding all over the place and Janets dad caught up to the wolf man and stabbed him in the leg. He started limping away, and came back after Janet. He was only a few feet from Janet and out of the middle a bullet went straight through the beast chest. The wolf man dropped like a sack of potatoes.
It was James standing there with a Barrette 50 cal in his hands, and said. He’s dead now nothing to worry about. Janets leg was still sobbing with blood and they called 911. The ambulance came rushing in, and took Janet to the hospital. James and his dad followed them to the hospital cautiously making sure they didn’t hit any deer cause it was dark out. 10 minutes later they got to the hospital James, and his dad waited in the lobby.
The same doctor that helped James came out and said. “She is going to walk funny for the next year or two, but she will be ok. She lost a lot of blood in this accident and take a will to recover. Janet got out of the hospital a week later and never went to the pond alone ever again.

The End!!

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  1. I liked the way how you described what Janet heard. I also really liked how you told that Janet, and James had the same doctor.


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