Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Teenager

                                                                  The Teenager

              Once upon a time their was a girl named Liz who was an average 16 year old American girl who really hated getting told what to do, most people call her a rebel.  Liz lives in Poania, Colorado. She has quite a bit of friends, but most of them are troublemakers just like her. Today was just an average school day. It started with P.E. , Math, Study Hall, Shop, Reading, Lunch, English, Science, and Social Studies followed. but it was so much different than that. Lindsey, one of her best friends, asked her to go to a party that was hosted by Brock Rider, a 16 year old.  Liz was shocked. She never thought she was cool enough to go, so she started thinking about it, and she said “,yes.” The party starts at 10:00 on a Friday night.
Today is Thursday, a day away from the party. Liz is at the mall trying to pick out the perfect dress for Brock. When she finally bought it. She walked out of the store and, on her way to her car: right when she opened her door a weird guy on the curb offered her some pot. At first she thought heck no, but then she remembered that it’s Brock. He probably does this stuff. So she bought the dope and headed out.
On the car ride home, she noticed a lighter on the console and piece of paper on the seat right beside her. Liz thought just one puff couldn’t kill her it would be just quick one no body would notice. So she rolls it up and stuck the end in her mouth, lit the other side and took a long, wild puff. Almost eminently after, she started coughing up a storm. She also felt woozy and amazing at the same time.

Then, she took another long puff, and she thought “holy crap” this stuff feels great I bet I can jump off a bridge and still feel alive, but then the dope wore off, and she really wanted that feeling again, so she went to a bar and got hard core wasted. Without even thinking, she drove her car to Brocks house, and wanted to have a kiss so bad, but he wasn’t ready for that stuff yet, so he wrapped her in a blanket, and drove her home while she was passed out.
When she woke up in the morning, she felt like crap, and she wanted to just throw up all of her stomach, so she would feel better. As she walked down the stairs, she fell over, stumbled down the stairs, and just laid there for what felt like forever. Then, her tummy rumbled as loud as a whale on mating season. Then, she walked over to the kitchen and ate everything in sight. Liz wondered where her parents are at after that she heard a swivel of a camera, and she looked around until she found a small camera beside the fridge.
Almost immediately after that tons of men walked in the house, and took her to a black van. She had no idea where she was headed, but she knew that it was not going to be good. It has been about 30 min since the kidnapping, and she still has not moved. Once the van has stopped, the men carried her to some large facility made out of concrete. They dropped her off in a room painted white with nothing but a bed.
She sees a large to medium sized vent that she thinks that she can fit in, so she moves the bed over she hops on it and crawls threw the shaft and wiggles her way threw vent and she peaks down and sees two men talking that look very odd. One of them is black, and the other is Mexican. She keeps going, and sees a light coming from the other side.
By the time she made it through she felt very winded she thought “I just want to sleep,” and when she stood up she heard a blow horn and it said congrats you made it through. When her mother came up to her she said, “it was our only choice we had to”. Liz was so mad, but at the same time she was happy. So she gave her a huge hug and said

“mom I am so sorry I just got caught up in all of the hype that I just cracked in under pressure.” Said Liz.
But luckily, her mom forgave her right away, and apologized for not being there as much as she should have, but you have to promise that you will never get into that again.

By the time they got home, Liz was already asleep in the car, so her father, Bill, carried her into the house, and it all turned out just fine. Liz went back to school on Monday and she told the popo where she bought the weed, they busted the guy for illegal drug use, the guy spent 10-20 in a maximum prison because it turns out he grew it himself. Well that was the story of Liz and her terrible mistakes. This all happens in the real world. You can be the generation to stop it. You just need to try at it. If you see anything illegal going on just report it to the police immediately. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything. This is my Ppow and I think it is a good one so I deserve an A.


  1. I liked the way you used adjectives to describe Liz. My favorite part was when Liz got busted by the cops.

  2. My favorite part in your story would be when Liz's mom forgave her right away. I think that it was a very interesting thing; that usually doesn't happen in real life.


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