Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Darkside

My name is Carin. You may think this is going to be a happy story, think again. This is the story of how my brother turns against me. It use to be a old lovely town, til this lady came and our mayor made a mistake being rude to her. Now these days at least one person has to die. You wonder why?
We have to kill one person to fed the demons hunger before they go and possessed a child. We had four children in the hands of the demon. We burn their worthless bodies on fire. My brother Curtis and I have been killing these demons to protect their children. Ask how to kill a demon?
put the demons back where it came from the satan place. The demons powers don’t hurt us at all. People think we are part demons, but they don't know they are right. Curtis and I been fighting demons since we were 13 years old. That’s when our mother was a demon but she don't want to hurt people but she did we had to kill her. Curtis still remembers everything,and for me no i didn't  care about her at all.
Curtis is the brains here, because he knows how to build the weapons. I’m the muscles, because i always go hunting with my father. My father was the town’s best policeman. Curtis would always look up to our father, but he was mostly mom’s favorite. I wasn’t the good child in my family.
Curtis was the most nicest person in our town. One day Curtis was acting different. He was all depressed and sad, but then I knew that the demons were getting to his head. They were teasing him in his brain calling him names and telling him it his fault that our father killed himself. Curtis started screaming in his sleep saying “NO NO IT’S MY FAULT!! IM SORRY!!! I’M A WORTHLESS SON OF YOURS FATHER!!!”.
I couldn't stand seeing him like this and I knew I had to kill him before they escape his mind to a child, but then i thought why don't I just keep him in here so no one would hurt him.  I got up from my bed very quiet and shake him awake. He woke straight up, then he was shaking in fear. I hug him tightly and whisper quietly in his ear “No one can hurt you, You're gonna be fine…. I promise..”.  I felt him nod and hug back tighter.
Curtis Lied down and went back to sleep. I went through a book to see if i could save him, but No answers yet.  I stayed up all night thinking how to save Curtis. In every town if someone has depression we must kill them cause they carrying a demon. I said to Curtis “I'll be in town to get food. Promise to stay in here Curtis?”.
Curtis didn't even move his head just look out side the window. I sigh and slowly walk out the door. I jump on my horse and rode in to town, as I was going to town i had a bad feeling in my stomach, but I ignore it. When I got to the town, I got off my horse and walk in to the store. There was a old lady on a rocking chair who look like was taking a nap.
I felt her eyes on me like she watching every move i make, studying me. The old lady said quietly”Your brother will die soon”. I felt her grin her ugly yellow rotten teeth. I replied “How you know? you’re just a old lady.. Unless”. I grab the cross out and put it to her face.
“Kill me child.. No one can save your brother now!!”.  I twist her head and burn your body with holy water, but i ran to my horse and got on it. The horse ran though the woods to our house. I fling myself off the horse, but when I got to the door. I slowly open it walking quietly.
I grab my cross from my pocket walk to Curtis room as quietly as mouse. There was no sign of Curtis til I felt something drip on me. I look down to see what is was, but first I thought it was water then it turn red like a human blood. I look up there curtis with black eyes and sharp teeth. He was looking at me like I was chicken. I put the cross to him, there was no effect on him.
He come down from the ceiling and stood behind me. He whispered in my ear “Hello sister, How are you doing little sister?”. I replied “How long did you know you were a demon?”. I felt him grinning at me and said” for a long time… Little sis...but i was suppose to be a good demon, but i'm tired of that…. Evil more fun”. I tried to grab the holy water and throw it at him in the face.
It burn half his face and he scream in pain. I ran outside in the forest as fast as i can, but I can hear him following me. He was right behind me and he grab my ankle and flip me over.  I slide across the forest ground hitting against a tree. My whole body felt like every bone was broken, but i could feel inside of me healing already.
Curtis could see how fast I’m healing his stupid smirk disappear.  He quickly runs toward me and grab my wrist then twisted it. I screaming in pain saying” Curtis you gotta remember me… Don't you know who I am”. He fling me again my wrist healed faster.  I got up smiling then my back hurt like hell.
Curtis heard my back snapping and breaking. He look at me confused, but then his eyes widen after he saw what happening. White angel wings grow from my back, but i was i  shock of what happening. I couldn’t move then Curtis started running towards me. I wrap my arms around myself, But just a foot away from me something throw him away.
I stand up then a ice sword was building it self. I smiled and run after Curtis and swinging my sword around like a retard. I heard Curtis scream. Then i open my eyes and saw Curtis arm was chopped off. I felt sad and mad at myself, but i know it has to be what has to be done. I got the sword and aim my self to chop his head off.
“Carin…..Carin…..Carin..” a voice whisper in my ear. I try to ignore the voice, but “Carin what are you doing to your brother…”. The voice sounding familiar now like my mom’s voice. I try to ignore it more. When I snap out of it. Curtis was gone.
I felt Curtis was behind me, so I turn around to cut his head off. A sharp pain was in my stomach. Curtis was there smiling as I fell to the ground in a puddle of blood. Curtis was smiling as i bleed helpless in to my own death. Curtis whispered in my ear softly” its so sad seeing a beautiful girl dying without a lover or family, I wonder how u never worried about dying alone with no family or husband like every girl does”.
I spit blood at his face and replied “I'm not like other girls and cause i rather have people safe then myself. I thought i had a brother to trust, but i guess i was wrong… I thought you would protect me like i protect when you were in depression. . . . I didn't go ahead and kill you did i? NO”. Curtis smirk went on to a confuse face as if he was remembering about the past,but I was dying slowly and painful. Curtis eye didn't turn back to blue crystal eyes. They turn into fiery red eyes. He put his foot to my skull, then everything was black.
‘He must of smash my skull… dirty demon’ I thought to myself.

Curtis View of Point
I watched as I smash my sister skull in to pieces. I felt broken when i saw her skull and brains everywhere. I knew I was a monster, but I didn't know I was a murder. I hope days past by and I won’t feel guilty at all, but more days past by and i felt horrible. The pictures on the wall seem like they were talking to me saying it all my fault.
I shouldn’t have killed my sister. I keep thinking what would happen if I made her come back to life. She might turn into a demon, but much uglier than me. I don't want to release a ugly demon here, because it would cause much damage then me. While I watch the sun go down; the red sky just friends me of my sister blood. I didn't like the color red anymore.
I burns everything that was red in my home.  I still can hear my sister voice when i'm asleep now. I walk to my sister bed and sit on it. ‘oh god it cold…. but it still have her smell on it…. i wish my hunger for death wasn't that strong that day. She would’ve been here with me…. My family would of been here too...’. i was looking at the picture of my sister in her snowflake dress she had when we were little kids.
I like it was yesterday when we were playing in the snow. I have to move on from what i did. I couldn’t I'm a weak person. For The past Couple years. I have got weaker and weaker.
I can not eat anymore. I can barely do anything now. Im just waiting for death to take me. I can’t be brave anymore. My sister haunts my dreams and sleep; Her smile, her eyes ,and her smell. It just driving me insane.
‘Where Jeff the killer when i need him’ I thought to myself as I lay there helpless. i suddenly felt something inside of me burning. I look down my skin was turning dark red. ‘Oh… Great…... ‘ I thought to myself. I turn into a full demon.
I got up and walk to the mirror. I saw a monster. ‘Look at me i'm a monster who killed my sister. Ugggggggghhhhh, Just why me? Why did i have to be the demon. I wish I could just be normal for once but no, god made me like this.Screw my life now.’ I thought and screamed inside my head. I look at my sister coat with blood on it. I grab my rope and knife then head to the woods.

I went as far as I can in the woods, where no human can find me. I went on a cliff and was counting to three. One…….Two…..Three….. I jump off the cliff and plunge to my death.  I felt like a bird without wings. I hit the bottom of the cliff and splat. I died of depression and mistake I have made with my worthless life…. I felt my body fighting back from the sign that I'm dying. I didn't like it all. I wanted to see what happens. My heart couldn't be healed.


  1. Very good story but a lot of spelling errors! No offense.

  2. I really like this story, I like all the action in it. I like all the details too!

  3. I like when the sister changes into an angle, I the action and horror in the story. I like the detail about the blood, brains, and the felling when the brother jumps off the cliff.

  4. I think this is a very good story and it may have some spelling that is wrong but it is a very good story. I hope you will right more story's like this.

  5. Good job, Nora! I really like your story! You can do better on the spelling though.


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