Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Halloween party


The Halloween Party


  It was a cool fall evening, Renee and her friend Taylor were getting ready to go to a Halloween party later that night. They curled their hair and put on some long sleeve burgundy colored shirts with some tan scarves. They ran down the stairs and ran into Taylor's brother who was all dressed up as a hotdog, they  both began to laugh and Ryan began to cry. As they turned the corner to head to Taylor’s car. They ran into her mom who had a very disappointed look on her face. Taylor knew that she would not be going to the party.
Later on that night Renee was getting a lot of texts from her boyfriend who was wondering where she and Taylor were. Renee did not want to spend her night sitting in Taylor’s room reading magazines about the latest celebrity news. So the girls came up with an idea to climb out the window and have Haze (Renee’s boyfriend) come and get the both of them. Taylor’s mom would never know because she would be asleep. The girls quickly touched up their makeup and started out the window.
When they got to the party they are greeted with the aroma of perfume mixed with the sweet smell of caramel apples and the earthy smell of leaves as the cool fall breeze brushed against their soft white skin.They could see the girls with their boyfriends all dressed up in costumes and dancing to the latest music. The girls didn't get the memo that it was a costume party, but they didn't really have an interest in dressing up either. The girls danced a lot, and by the time the night was over, they were ready to go. So they all packed up and headed back to Taylor’s house.
On their way back to Taylor’s house Haze was driving and ran over a nail causing them to have a flat tire. The kids didn't know what to do because their moms were not supposed to know they were out so they couldn't call them.
“Well the tire repair is just up the road so we could walk up there,” said Haze
“Yeah but its like 11:00 at night they are not going to be open,” said Renee
“Even if they were open how would we pay for it, we didn't bring any money with us,” said Taylor  
So their only option was to stay all night and then call their moms in the morning. They were all hungry and tired, so they got back in the car and turned the heat on because it was only 50 degrees outside. As they began to get in the car they heard a loud scream from the woods. They just assumed that it was just a girl from the party that had too much alcohol or something. So they continued to make their beds in the car and fell fast asleep.
Renee woke up to something dripping and it sounded like rain, as she sat up she saw that it was a bright sunny day, as she looked down she saw a big pool of blood. She screamed when she realized that it was coming from Haze who was laying next to her. She got out of the car and began to scream and cry for help. She called 911 on her phone which only had like 1% of battery left. When the ambulance got there Renee was laying next to Haze trying vigorously to wake him up, but it didn't work. Haze was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors immediately knew that he had lost way too much blood and he was gone. His life was over, he is dead.
The investigation began, his parents were crushed, but Renee was hurt the most. The person she cherished the most, he was her everything, her best friend and her partner in crime.

The next week Renee didn't go too school because she knew that all the questions about Haze would be to much to handle. As the funeral lurked closer and closer the more she wanted to know who killed him. The problem was that there was no bullets or anything in his brain and there was no sign of a gun except for a small hole in his head, the best thing for her to do was go back to the woods at night and see what would happened to her. So she called Taylor up and they prepared their plan for what they would do if  they encountered who killed Haze. They dressed in all black everything so that they would be less noticeable.
The next night Taylor and Renee headed out, they took Taylor’s car and told both their moms that they would be going to Sara's house to get some stuff they left there the other day and that they would be back in the morning. They parked Taylor’s car at the exact same spot that they ran over that nail the other night and as they sat there they heard the same exact scream they had heard that night. Only following the scream was a “HELP! HELP! HELP!” and it sounded like Haze. They both looked at each other with excitement and ran towards the noises. When they got there they could see Haze who was tied up against a tree and a figure in a black hooddie stood in front of him with a knife.  “HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE,”  Renne called. The figured looked at Renee and ran, Taylor chased after It but she didn't find where It went.
“Haze what happened, I thought you were dead,”  Renee asked
“After you guys fell asleep the other night I remembered that I had a spare tire in the trunk.  I was going to change it, but then I felt something go around my nose and I don't remember anything after that. All I remember is that I woke in a dark room and a black figure was standing over me. Then he left and I fell asleep and I didn't wake up again until I was tied to this tree,” said Haze .
“Then who was laying next to me in the car dead and how did the police not know that it wasnt you?”Renee said
“Woah, Woah, Woah, people think that im dead!” said Haze
“Yeah your funeral is tomorrow but you're not the one in the casket,”I said


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  1. Woah, your story is so good! I liked the way it was suspenseful the whole entire time. When Haze was one of the characters, I thought it reminded me of Hayes Grier. I wonder what would happen if Haze really did die. And who in the world was Haze in the car that night? I loved your story a lot!


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