Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Goodbye Danni

Goodbye Danni

I was walking home late from a party when my mom texted me.
 “Are you on your way home because were worried?”
I told her to stop worrying and of course she calls me. Mom said,
“I am very worried and you didn’t tell us you were going to a party.”
“Mom I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you, but you never trust me.”
 She said, “That’s because the last time I trusted you, you were found in Wal-Mart sleeping on the floor of the fish aisle.”
“That’s because, well obviously I can’t do anything right for you. Ah mom, help me!” My mom replied, “Danni!”
I was in a car for a while then we stopped. I was scared, crying, and sweaty. They were talking and came over to look at me.
They said, “Is she fit enough and pretty for the trade.”
“I think she needs some work.”
“All right, I’ll get something for her”.
“I want my mom!”
 “Now Jessie, tell us what happened.” Said officer O, Tanner,
“Ok, we were fighting on the phone and she yelled then boom she was gone.
“Ok did you hear any back round noise?”
“Yes I heard a man’s voice.”

“Jessie can you tell us what it sounded like?”
“It was low and he sound relieved. Like he was watching her all this time. Wait, she said she felt like someone was following her. She said it has been going on for a while.”
“Did she say anything about his face?”
“No but she did get chased by him. She kicked him and he grabbed her, she also hit him with her bag.”
“Did she get hurt?”
“Please let me go.”
“Shut up or I will kill you.”
“Please, what do you want with me? Answer me!”
“If you talk again I will go kill your mom.” “That’s right I know where you live and your name Danni.”
“How do you know? Have you been stalking me?”
“I don’t need to answer that and I have ever since you hit me.”
 “I’m sorry I was scared and take this bag off my face.”
“Fine but, you better be quiet.”
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“We need the money and your valuable to us.”

“I’m cold and tired.”
“Can you stop dressing me up like a doll?”
“No we need to prepare you for what’s next.”
“What’s next?”
“Please I’m scared and you’re all stupid!”
“What did you say?”
“Answer me you little blonde piece of crap!”
“No I will not answer to a dumb and stupid person!”

            We were walking to the car; I was scared out of my mind.
“How long till we get there?”
“About five minutes now shut your mouth!”
“Please tell me what do I have to do when you sell me?”
“You will have to do unspeakable things.”
“What are you doing?”
“I’m cutting myself, so you can’t sell me because Ill be in bad condition.”
“I will shoot you if you even think of cutting your self.”
“I have put my life on the line for this, and if you ruin this we will both die.”
“Well that was your decision.”
“Oh my gosh, watch out!”

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