Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How It Used To Be, Then It Happened

How It Used To Be, Then It Happened

One day Crystal moved to Harlan. She thought she wouldn't get any friends. One day a girl named Brandi came over and said ”Hi Crystal how are u? can I be your best friend.” Crystal couldn't believe what she was seeing.
“Sure why not.” Crystal said as she was smiling away. Brandi smiled back and walked away to class. Crystal wasn't sure why such a popular girl would pick her. Brandi came up to
Crystal after class and asked Crystal if she wanted to go to Brandi’s house after school. Crystal said that she needed to ask her mom, so she called her mom with the school’s phone.
“Hello?” said Crystal’s mom. “Hi mom its me can i go to Brandi’s house to day?” Asked Crystal. “Yeah sure but be back in time for dinner.” Told Crystal’s mom. “Thanks mom love u bye.” Crystal hung up the phone and told Brandi that she could go.
After class, Brandi said that she rode bus 5. Crystal already knew that she rides bus 5 and said that she does to. Brandi was happy to hear that her new best friend already rode her bus. After they got off the bus they was at Crystal’s home area, the trailer park.
“Brandi I live here?” said Crystal to Brandi. “Really so do I this is so kewl!” Yelled Brandi. Brandi didn't know what to do her new best friend lives in the trailer park with her. Brandi just wanted to see Crystal’s home. When Crystal got done at Brandi’s house she went home and told her mom everything. The next day Brandi came over to Crystal’s. Brandi was so happy to know she lived so close. Brandi loved Crystal’s dog Dexter,and her cats Kitbooms and Boots. One day my cat had kittens and they were so cute Crystal invited Brandi to come over to my house and see them. She wanted to stay The night at my house, so Crystal went to go ask her mother to see if Brandi could stay. Crystal’s mother didn't care because it’s is not on a school night.
“Crystal? do u think i could have a kitten if my dad bought one?” Asked Brandi “ I don't know Brandi does your mom and dad care.” Told Brandi thinking that she could.
The next day Brandi and Crystal meet someone new named Annika. Brandi told me that she can be rude a little. When Annika came over she seemed nice but Crystal was wrong. She yelled and screamed at one little thing Crystal did. When Crystal saw her screaming at Brandi she felt bad for her. Then Catlin came over to say hi. Now Catlin is a way different person, then Annika. Catlin wanted to know what was all the screaming about.
Crystal pointed at Annika. Catlin told Annika that she better stop before we all got in trouble. Crystal could smell something weird she didn't know what until it got stronger. A fire had started in the cornfield. Crystal told then to run back to the road so that we could be ok. Her foot got caught by a tree branch. The fire was getting closer, Crystal didn't know what to do anymore.  
Annika screamed again, and someone had called the cops on us. As they were on their way, it was smoky and Crystal couldn’t  find the branch my foot was caught in. Crystal had to move her hand  around to find the branch. As Crystal was feeling around the branch, Crystal heard the cop sirens. Crystal couldn't see much but she knew that we was in trouble. Then Crystal found the branch that her leg was caught in.
Crystal got out and ran out, by the time Crystal got out Brandi and Annika were crying about Crystal not coming out for a long time. Crystal didn't know what could cause them to cry as bad. They had thought she was dead. By the time Crystal got home her mom was mad at her. Crystal told her mom what happened.
“Crystal why would to do this?” Asked Crystal’s mother. Crystal wouldn't say anything back. Her mom grounded her and told her to go to her room. Crystal called her friend and said “Brandi I can't come over tomorrow and u cant come over.” “oh ok.” said Brandi.
The next day Crystal cat got out and got ran over by a car, and crystal thought she wouldn’t go to school and stuff like that, but her mother made her. Crystal walked in school and was being laughed at and Crystal wanted to go home. Brandi was in front of her and helped her up and told Crystal not to worry anymore. Crystal thought her life was not going to be easy with or without Brandi, but it went a lot easier than she thought. After Crystal’s cats had kittens she was happy. One night her dog Dexter  went around trying to find the cats to eat them. Dexter found them and had a fight with the mother cat. Crystal woke up and went out they and found that Dexter had ate all the kittens but the goldish one. Crystal hurried and grabbed it and the mother was mad and tried to kill Dexter but Dexter hurt the mother cat and Crystal put Dexter in his cage, And went back to sleep.

To be continued….


  1. My favorite part was when your cat kitten died. It made me upset that the kittens had been eaten by your dog Dexter.


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