Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Until the End of Time

                                                      Until the End of Time

         When I was little my mom said I was always clumsy,  grouchy and bossy. She said if I didn't get what I wanted I would've  cried or threw a tantrum and as I got older it got better. I was learning manners and not being so bossy and so rude .  
         When I was five I was living in Missouri Valley,  Iowa with my dad. I was outside playing one day and met the girls across the street and ever since then they have been my best friends. I met Kylie Wilson and her sister Kimberly Wilson. Then that whole day we were at her house right across the street from mine jumping on her trampoline and playing with her cats and her dogs. We had so much fun.
           At the age of six I started ice skating, and I was doing ice skating until I was 12. I advanced in classes so fast that by the age of 10 I started figure skating. I  went to competitions and my mom was at almost all of my lessons. I was on level seven with 10 year olds when I was only eight. Ever since then I go skating all the time and it’s so much fun. Every now and then I have my friends come with me and they like it too.
          When I was seven my two friends Kylie and Kimberly, and I were sitting in their mother's car and Kimberly accidently hit something in the car and it started rolling backwards down the hill. We were just little and didn't know what to do so we were just sitting there screaming. We didn't know what was going to happen. The car made its way down the hill and smashed into a fence and a few other cars. Thank goodness we were okay but then Kylie and Kim's mother came running down the hill freaking out. She was just happy that we were okay.
         Then when I was eight  I started volleyball. Volleyball is my favorite sport. I played volleyball until the age of 14 and I hope to still play it into high school and maybe collage. I’d do anything to play volleyball the rest of my life. My friends and I love playing that sport, we always have fun with it and so do other people.  
         When I was nine, my family came for Christmas at our house. My grandma Beth flew to Bellevue, Nebraska, where we lived, from South Carolina . My Aunt Kelly and Cousin Jessica flew in from Tennessee. My Aunt Angie was there too. Then my Aunt Kristie and Uncle Ted and their 2 kids came from Chicago. I thought it was the best Christmas ever. We all had so much fun and played games and stuff after, we opened presents.
       At the age of 10, I was still doing volleyball and ice skating, but that’s when I started cheerleading. My friends dared me to do it, I didn't think I would like it but I ended up liking it. It was so much fun so I asked my friends to try out next year and they did, so I had three of my friends with me. We cheered at halftime for all the football games and basketball games. It was so much fun.  We all enjoyed it a lot but, then my friends had to move away so they didn't do cheerleading anymore so neither did I but I'm thinking about doing it again in high school.  
         When I was 11, I went to South Carolina to see my grandma, I had a lot of fun. My grandma Beth has horses and she has barrel races too. She taught me how to barrel race and ever since then I have loved horses. Even being around them makes me happy. Beth took me to her barrel racing competition and I raced too. I had so much fun. Ever since then when I'm on a horse thats what I do I either go barrel racing or on a trail ride.  
        At the age of 12 I went on a family vacation with my mom and my sister to Adventure Land. Me and my sister had a lot of fun. We went on every ride and did just about everything that there was to do there I had a lot of fun. My mom even had fun too. Most of all my sister loved the water rides the most. I liked the other ones better. We liked it so much we didn't want to leave. I’m glad I went though because that’s the first time we had gone on a vacation together and my sister and I actually got along with each other.
        When I was 13 my two friends Shannon and Nina asked me to go to Worlds and Oceans of Fun with them. Which I did go there and when I first got there they said the first ride we are going on is The Patriot which looked scary but when I went on it I wanted to go on it several more times and I did. It was the second day that we were there and by then it was getting night time and I heard someone yell my name. I turned around and it’s my friend Brandon!  I haven't seen him in forever, then it turns out hes right there. Then the four of us went and rode The Patriot at night with us in the front, we all had so much fun. But then he had to leave and we left the next morning.
         Now that I'm 14 every weekend that I'm in Missouri Valley with my dad. I went to my friends house right outside of Magnolia, Iowa. When they come to get me we go get our other friends in Logan, Iowa and there's five or six of us sometimes there's like 15 of us ,and we go mudding while we are listening to country music and we all have the windows down so the mud is hitting us. Sometimes we use our four-wheelers, other times we use the side by side, or the truck. After we are down with that we go to a bonfire and go swimming and have lots of fun and we go and joke around at McDonalds and Taco Johns where some of our friends work. They always enjoy our company. Then there was this one time when our friend Cameron put his girlfriend’s truck in a ditch and she didn't have a seat belt of so she hit the dashboard and the windshield and Cameron started pointing at her and laughing. I mean it was rude to do that, but it was funny because his girlfriend is really mean. So she went to work and we spent all day getting it out for her. We went and got it out for her and she started getting all mad at us because her mom was yelling at her because she wasn't home yet. She was at work and she got mad at him and tried to hit him so he punched the truck and left a big dent in it. After that she got really mad and sped away when it was her fault. I always have a good time when I go to Missouri Valley.

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