Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#October PPOW SWAG The Hour of Time

The Hour of Time

Starting info- I woke up in the morning to go to school and it was the start to fall and the temperature here in Connecticut had started to get cold. My mother was unable to drop me off at school because she had to work. I was never close to my mom or dad since they were arguing or just not there for me when I needed them. They got divorced about 4 years ago, and both of them still haven’t found a new Wife or Husband. I’m 12 years old, and this is how my life really changed.
Story- It was 6:30 A.M. I was cold in my house and I had just woke up. With all the blankets on top of me and the alarm clock beeping, I got myself ready by starting out my day like any other boy. I took a shower, got dressed, and had breakfast. For breakfast I had French toast sticks they were soft and not that crunchy at all. The delicious syrup on top made up for that bad soft taste. I sat on the couch to waited for the bus. Later on in the day while I was sitting on my couch, I turned around and notice no school bus had showed up yet. It was 9:00. I wondered what was going on. I went outside and noticed this women walking sluggishly, so I had decided to go and ask her if school was off or if she knew what was going on.
I had poked her on the back while asking my question, “do you know whaaaaa.”. A vicious scream came out of her as she turned around, I had screamed with her she had started to pounce on me and attempted to bite me. I kicked her as hard as I could and ran into my house. When I had kicked her blood splurted on my leg. The trees all around me were getting into that fall season and my now black blooded leg starting pulsing with pain as I looked at the ground.
I shut the door as fast as I could and locked it. The odd lady was munching and slamming on my door screaming. My main idea was to get some supplies and get out of the house because I had started to know what was going on. It was like something I shoot in my fun video games with my friends. Zombies! It was a zombie apocalypse.
I grab a baseball bat, and my backpack then I quickly emptied all my school supplies from the backpack. I put some basic things in the backpack such as food, water, and lighter. I sprint out of my house window and go into my backyard and into the other neighbors backyard and the next and the next until I run out of breath. I stop at this house that I could tell was boarded up. There was a spiked wall at the back door and the same with all the windows. I knock on the back door avoiding the spikes of course when I knock. I yell out, “ANYONE IN THERE!”
The sudden scream arouses a zombie that was on the other side of the house. I attempt to run away but fall and baseball bat lies on the other side of me. The zombie gets ontop of me and screams. He attempts to gnaw at my face, but I push him back and attempt to get my baseball bat. I scream with a fearful shout, “HELP!”The zombie was instantly shot in the head by a man looking out of the attic window. He tells me, “listen here boy. You can’t stay here long, but you can stay for tonight.”
He lets me into a not so delighting house. The walls had blood everywhere and the blood was his family members on the wall. I saw that they were dead, but not from a zombie….it was done by himself. He tells me, “listen I killed them because they called me crazy and food was low so I decided to take manners in my own hands. If you ask me, I did the right thang.”
I didn’t respond and went along with him. At this point I wanted to run I don’t know if he actually meant he ate them when he mentioned since they were low on food. I asked him,”did you eat them.”
He laughed,”You gatta do what ya gatta do.”
I continued to ask him questions as we entered the Kitchen.”Do you know any safe havens yet?”
“Ha. Boy you just don’t get it yet this happened yesterday. I’ve been ready the week before. The only way to find out is to go out there with those things.”He opened the fridge and I noticed human meat inside. I puked before I could reach the trash can. He laughs again,”don’t be a wimp I’ve met chihuahuas tougher than yall.”
I look away as he munches away on the meat. “Where yall from?”I respond about 30 seconds after he even asked the question saying,”about 2 blocks from here.”
“How come I aint seen you around here before?”
“I don’t Usually go by this small street.”
“I see. I see.”
“We will be goin to bed later on so make yourself at home.”
I get myself rested and checked around the house for something valuable or something to at least to ask about. I go upstairs into what looks like his bedroom. I notice several guns lying on the floor. I look at the best one which is an Ak-47 I was amazed to see this. I took the pistol on the left of it so he wouldn’t notice. As I was putting the gun in my backpack when suddenly the man stepped in the room ready to kill me. To be continued.

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