Wednesday, November 5, 2014

free write 9/4

The Murder Mystery
Once there was a mother who hated her son. She wanted him dead. She had put that in her journal. The father read her journal. He has been plotting to put her in jail. The son knows nothing about it.
    The son think’s he is getting pampered because the father is testing his food before the son eats it. He also think his parents love him, but the mother does not!
The father is the only one that loves him. There is a girl that the son likes and will never get because he has down syndrome. The girl is from the richest family in the world. Her family owns five countries. The father called the cops. The mother heard Help, there is a crazy women in my house! The mother knows is he is talking about her. So she grabs the axe and hits him. Then he drops the phone.
He said, “He doesn't know what he is talking about.”
Then she hung up the phone.
She asked, “Why did you say there was a crazy lady in your house?”
So she tied him up. Next she put him in a chair. Then she went to find the son. She found the son in his room. He was so scared. She tied him up too. She told them a story about how she always wanted to kill them. She has wanted to do that forever, now she can finally do it. So there they are tied up five days. Day one was all about how she was going to kill them. She talk about all the ways she wanted to kill them, then it hit her. She lived on a farm, and we have hogs and after I kill you, I could feed you to the hogs.
She went on and on about how much she hated them. The father and the son were trying to get out of the chair but, she caught them, and then she had to punish them. So she shot the father in the foot. The mother made sure that they did not try to escape again so, she bought a lot of cameras. Day two was all about how she would fake her death after she had killed them. She had told them how she was going to fake her death. I’m going to burn the house down, and I’m going to be in the fire, and she is going to die in the fire. Day three was all about how she was going to skip town after she faked her death.
The town she is going to is New York City. Day four was all about how she was going to get there. She is going to use a train, car, and bus. The train is to get to Pennsylvania. The car is to get to New York. The bus is to get to my new apartment that I have bought. Day five was the day of the murder.
They were still tied up, but what she did not know was that the father has broken the rope, and hid the fact that he has broken the rope. The mother comes in the room with an axe, and the father attacks her. Now there in a big fight the father is winning for now. The mother throws him into a glass book shelf. The father is down and the axe is across the room the mother realizes that the same time the father does. They scramble towards the axe, and the mother reaches the axe first. She takes a swing, and the father goes down hard. She yells at him stay down! She hit him again. Now he is dead!
She turned her attention to the son and kills him. The next day the mother cuts up the bodys. She feeds them to the hogs. The hog have not been feed in three weeks. So, they were really hungry, and ate anything she threw. The father went first. The son was next. She watch the hogs devour them. The next day she set the house on fire and faked her death. Then she got on a train and went to Pennsylvania. She used the car like she said and used it to drive to New York. She got on a bus and went to her new apartment. She was just about to settle in and then the news popped on. The news was about her house burning down. She just sat a laughed. Then the reported said something that catches her by surprise. The reported said that the police investigator said that he found a shoe in the hog pin.
She was wondering how that happen. She did not care because they could not even trace it back to her even if they treid. She stayed up all night waiting until they stop talking about the shoe in the hog pin. They finally stop talking about it.
So, she was paranoid for a few days. Those days were over. Now she was living her new life. She went on to marry a millionaire. She lives in a mansion with him. Her new husband's name is Bill Gates. He is in love with her. He could not be happier. His wife is now Mrs. Gates. She is loving all the things that he gets for her. So far he has bought her a island, and named it after her. He bought her a yacht. She has everything under the sun. She could not ask for a better life.
Bill asked her about her old ex-husband. She she just dodge the question. Bill found her diary and read it. It said how she was going to turn herself in. Bill said to her that if you have problems, don’t worry, I’m the richest man in the world, and  I can make them go away. The next few weeks were rough. She kept telling him more and more about her past.
Bill still said that I can make them go away. I can clear your record. I know what you can do. I don’t want you to do that. You're better than that. So, she left and went back to her old town. Her old town was Council Bluffs. She used to live in north Omaha. Once she was back in the town; she turn her self in.
The punishment she was life in prison. She had a life sentence. She was charged with first degree of murder.


  1. I really liked this story Elliot! It really shows how much his mom wants her son dead. And how his mom married one of the richest guy in the world. You really had a lot of adjectives. great story!


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