Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October PPOW-Korbin Martin

My Life

I was born on August 14, 2000. I was born in Atlantic, Iowa. I went home the next day, I was 7 pounds of chunkiness. When I got home, I laid in my crib, and now I am going to have too fast forward.
When I was three, my dad had a dirt bike accident. He was in Atlantic riding around with his friends at the dirt bike track. He went around the turn, and he ramped the jump. He did a whip, and his back tire hit a rut, and he crashed. It took awhile, but a helicopter came they landed on the gravel road next to the track. They took him to Omaha to the hospital, and he had to have a rod in his leg and his side he lost 90% of his nerves in his arms.  His bone popped out of his leg, and they had to push that in.
When I was three my parents got a divorce, so I didn't have a lot of time to spend with him that I actually remember, but I still get to see him on the weekend. I spend the night at his house all the time now, I love my dad. When I was around three, that was a year of the big parade in Walnut where we lived. My dad works at Nissan of Omaha, this is like his 15th year, but anyway back to the story, my dad is the manager, so he can drive whatever car is at the shop. The day of the parade he brought back a Corvette; I was so happy because I got to ride in it.
When my mom and dad got a divorce, my dad moved to council bluffs in a really small house. My dad met April at a bar. April lived in Tabor Iowa she has two sisters. We go there a lot and ride the go Kart on the track. It is fun. My dad and now my step mom got married in Las Vegas after five years of dating; they have been married for six years. My step-mom is awesome; we do a lot of things together.
My mom and my step dad were dating for about six years and they have been married for five years there are sometimes that he is cool and other times i hate him. His parents live like right next to us, jordan has two sisters his mom and dad had a trampoline but it broke. Jordan is cool we usually to a lot of things it just depends on the day jordan helps my grandpa on the farm and I help a lot too it is fun being on a farm because you are pretty much free from everything that is going on you can ride atvs you can do whatever you want to.     
When I was around eight years old I always stayed at my grandmas all the time. When I always took a bath in the bathtub I would always bring all the cars I had in the house and like half of the bathtub it full of cars and I would sit in the for hours at a time and play with my cars. Then when I got out of the bath I would ask my grandma if we could bake cookies. So we got out all of the ingredients, we got out bowles “that we needed same with the measuring cups then when we got done we would make popcorn put extra butter and salt on it then we would go out into the living room and I would get the exercise ball out and I would lay on it so I could roll around on it everywhere we would get half way through the movie and the cookies would be done so we would pause the movie and I love when cookies are soft so right when the cookies come out of the oven I would shove one in my mouth forgetting how hot is was i would spit it out on the floor and then my  grandma would clean it up for me.
All the places I traveled to is Las Vegas for my dads wedding. Kansas for a football game because my favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs and another time I went to the Great Wolf Lodge and another time I went to worlds of fun and I went on my first roller coaster and that was fun. And the last place I went to is florida to oceans of fun.  

My first year I went out for football was in atlantic we went undefeated that year it was fun but i didn't get the ball once. It was fun making new friends but it was really hard. once I spent the night at my friends house and my dad called me and said I didn't have to got to football today so I went to sleep ten minutes later my dad knocks on the door and in said I thought I didn't have to go all we do is run and he was like lets go all of your stuff it is the truck it was 6:00 is the morning I was still walk sleeping and I get in the truck all of my stuff is in there so I was sleeping on the way to atlantic we finally get there and my dad gets a text saying its canceled so then since we are already in atlantic we just go to walmart and get a video game and some football cards since I got up and then went all the way to atlantic and practice was canceled.



  1. I liked the way you went in and out of the story every once and a while. When your dad crashed I thought that he was going to no recover. I wonder what would've happened if your dad didn't get hurt. My favorite part was when your dad brought a corvette and you got to ride in it.

  2. I want for dirt bike for my birthday. The one I want is a KTM.


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