Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Happening

The Happening

When I was just a boy, I never knew that the world could be like the way it is now. I was playing in the park with my mom and then it happened. I started to feel shaking and trembling from the soft grass under the swings my mother was pushing me on. Then the alien specimen flashed out of nowhere and behind it was a ship that had a weird sign.
Everyone ran in terror I was just a boy so I didn’t know better so I went over to the alien and it walked by me and blasted my mother into thin air. It turned around and looked at me and it smiled and picked me up and put me to sleep. I woke up in my bed to the sounds of screaming I looked and my dad was in my room with a loaded gun.
My dad was making sure I stayed quiet and didn’t make any noise, but then an alien came in, and my dad shot it in the head, it died, but for how long, my dad thought. My dad came over to me and picked me up and made a run for it to the shed in the backyard. My dad asked, “What happened to your mother?” I tried to reply, but it was hard to say.
My dad was starting to get frustrated from the noise of screaming but then it stopped. A light was shining brighter than any light than we have ever seen. My dad took a peek to see what it was, but all he could make out was a floating saucer. He said, “You are going to be ok just I need you to be quiet for me.” My dad left me alone in the shed with nothing but a few tools and a brand new lawn mower.
It felt like hours before he came back for me, but when he did it was like Christmas to a grown man. He had guns galore and ammo to last him a life-time. My dad pulled out a pistol and handed it to me and said, “I have already showed you how to use one, but use it on things that can hurt you.” I replied, “Dad what are you doing and why are you covered and green stuff?” He didn’t reply to me, but he looked tired from running.
We were in the shed for another hour before we decided to go out and look for survivors. “Dad how did I get home from the park?”, I said, my dad replied, “Don’t speak I think someone is outside look for survivors.” My dad slowly opened up the door and standing there was my mom.
I looked at her with disbelief, puzzled and unsure, but my dad didn’t hesitate to her. She said, “Where is my son at?” I slowly moved out of the shed in disbelief. She started walking to me but stopped walking to me once I looked scared. “ Aren’t you happy to see your mother?” ,said my dad, “That is not mom” , I replied. “But of course I am your mother don’t you remember at the park this morning?” , said mom, “But I saw you disappear in dust and the alien took me home.”
Then out of nowhere my dad started to twitch and squirm like something was inside of him. Sure he has been acting weird but not this weird. Then he just bursted into an alien just like the one that I saw this morning, but I believe it is the one that took me back home. My mother came over and grabbed me an ran away from the alien didn’t hesitate to chase after my mom and I. I was screaming like no other, but that wasn’t going to change the fact my dad is anÅ“ alien.
My mom was running she managed to outrun the alien but how could she have out ran an alien just like that. But it wasn’t going to change the fact that she saved my life from a monster like that. We ended up making it to the rec-center to see if anyone was inside. In a flash she slammed threw the door to find an alien egg house. She put me down and went up to and egg and her eyes turned green and she broke the egg she was standing by, and my mom fell out covered in the green goo my dad was covered in earlier. My cloned mom said, “This is your future.”, but out of nowhere my actual mom jumped up and threw the alien in the goo and it died from it. “Mommy!” ,I screamed, “You’re alive.”
My mother walked other to me slowly, but she didn’t have that much strength, because she has been in the goo for a while now. “Come over here and help mommy.” said mom softly, so I ran and picked her up and right when I touched her skin she blew up. I woke up in an infinite white blank space that I couldn’t see anybody in, except for the man in the white suit that said, “You Failed.”

The End

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  1. I enjoyed reading this ppow because I love how you opened up your mind to writing this ppow. It interesting because its about aliens. "We're ether a universe thats completely alone, or we're a universe that isnt. "


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