Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Football Player

Football Player
One day there was a boy named John and he loves sports. He wakes up and thinks about sports. John is only 3 and he knew that he can’t play football, but he says when he gets to play, he will win all the time. He also likes swimming; he doesn’t like baseball, but his dad does. His dad says when he gets older he will play for the team that his dad owns.
John says, “I don’t want to play for them.”  A year later he is four. In one more year his dad got him a big weight set for Christmas, and he starts lifting, and he get more muscle every day. When he gets home from school; he lifts and eats healthy, then goes to bed. He gets least10 hours of sleep a day. 
Then a year goes by. He turns five, and he goes out for football, and everybody thinks he will be really good, and so he gets his pads on. His mom and dad take him to his game, and he plays halfback and linebacker. He gets 7 tackles and 2 sacks. He runs at least 150 yards, and he did very well. His dad and mom were so proud of him. He had gotten a lot of comments that he had done terrific when he went home. He was so tired that his dad hid his weights from him, but he had one on his bed. He went to bed and when woke up the next day, Collin Kapernick is in his kitchen! He was jumping up and down. His dad had posted his football game on YouTube, and it went big! It got over 75 million hits! He was very famous. Later that day, he went to his grandmas and grandpas. His grandpa got him new things, and he received pink shoes and gloves. He went on and on wining football games.
 A few years go by, and he is in Jr. High, and he is way better than when he was just a little kid. He goes on to play for team Iowa that is a better team that just regular football. They have college football players coaching them and helping them. One day they are playing, and John was running the ball, and John gets hit hard. He gets up and walks it off.  He gets back on the field.  He plays defense, and he plays MLB that stands for middle line backer.  He hits the kid so hard that his helmet pops off and goes flying in the air! Everybody in the crowd goes wild and screams and yells. They come out victorious, and they are happy and yelling! All that day, they get on the bus and sing their songs, and they arrive at the place where they get drop off at their spot. Their parents come and get them. So John goes home and goes to sleep. Three years pass on, and he is on varsity, and he is in the state championship for the State Title.
He has three-college scholarship that he will go to for free. He chooses to attend Notre Dame. He is very good at football. When he gets the ball, he goes all the way for a touchdown every time.  He is very good at sports. He also plays baseball, but he is the best at football, and he think he is going to Iowa to play football. He goes to the state championship with his team, and he wins!
 He goes to college, and he plays football for them. He starts and the first run of the season, he takes to the house! His mom and dad knew he could do this. He had made it to the college level. He thinks he could make it to the professional football league.  His mom says that you could do anything you want.  He plays a few games, and he does very well! He is ready a year later and goes to the NFL! He made it the end.

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  1. I liked this ppow because it is about football because that is my favorite sport. I liked the end it was good you expressed he feeling really well and the end.


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