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Something Unexpected- October PPOW

Something Unexpected
What’s your dream wedding day like? Do you imagine it traditional or different from the others? Your wedding day could be normal just like every other boring wedding day or it could be a divergent and outrageous wedding, but this particular wedding taking this September is going to be an odd wedding! The groom and men are wearing kilts and the bride is wearing her mother’s dress. Do you think it’s a little odd the men are wearing kilts? That’s why this wedding is going to be a bizarre one.
This bride has always dreamed of a cowboy and a big southern wedding. She got the total opposite of that, she got a long-haired video/card game nerd. The bride’s name is Valerie, but we call her Val and the grooms name is Stewart, or you could call him Stew. Would you like to know how these totally different people met and fell in love? Then you're going to want to keep on reading this adventure.
Valerie Sievers (Black) is from Walnut, IA and graduated from Walnut Community School. She dreamed of being a teacher and didn’t want to go to a huge college in the city far away from home. She decided to go to Peru State College in Nebraska with a population of 848. She loves the color yellow and is obsessed with pigs. You could find her at her house with her two huge dogs or at work.
Stewart Black was born off the coast of Florida but has moved a lot and resided in Nebraska. He was wanting to be an English teacher and decided to go to Peru State College also. He likes to play pokemon and dragon type stuff. He and his friends always have gaming nights on Fridays; that’s when they come over and play games such as pokemon. Stew’s favorite color is a dark green and his favorite “animal” is a dragon.
They both met at college during a theater event. Stew thought she was way different than him and he would have no chance with her. Val thought he was the last guy she would have even thought about dating. He was a nerd and she was looking for a cowboy. Stew figured out that she was interested in sports and cheer and he definitely knew that she was not like him. But, Stew fought for her and he got her.
They officially started dating on December 31, 2011. Later on, they adopted a German shepard mix dog name Castiel (Cas). About a year later, they moved into an apartment together in Nebraska City, NE. They still went to college for some classes, but most of them were online. When they weren’t at college they were working. Valerie first started working at a theater and a Super 8. Stewart was working for a window washing company called Mikes Window Service.
Later on during 2013 they finally got their own house. The house had one bedroom, one bathroom, and an office that was even yellow! In November of 2013 they adopted another dog! His name is Thor, like the superhero, and is a husky. They fell in love with him at first sight! Finally on December 14th Stewart proposed to Valerie during a party at their own house. Stew started singing the song I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) with his friend Tristen playing the guitar. At the end, he finally knelt down and proposed. Valerie started screaming her head off while bawling. They had to start planning right away!
Valerie did all the work, she planned everything! While panicking about everything she still had a job and had to go to college. Finally, May came around and Val graduated with a Bachelor of Science Educational Studies. Ever since then, she has been working a lot of hours at her job. She was working at a place called Morton House. Elders live at the Morton House and Val’s job was to take care of them and clean their rooms. While having that job she also worked at Dollar General. She quit both of those jobs and just started a new job. She now works at a childcare place in Syracuse, NE.
August came around and Val had to get her dress altered since it was her mom’s dress. Her mom got married in the 90’s, so it looked ugly. Once it finally got altered, it was beautiful! We could all just imagine her walking down the aisle to her soon to be husband.
It was the month of the wedding and Val was definitely freaking out. She had to wedding showers, one where she lives and another one back in her home town.  Her wedding was finally the next weekend. Her and her bridesmaids had to go to the hairdresser to figure out what they were going to do for the wedding. Later on that night the bride had her bachelorette party.
The wedding was now tomorrow. I, the bride’s sister, didn’t have to go to school on Friday because I had to go all the way to Nebraska City to help set up. It was so fun because I didn’t have to go to school. Valerie kept on freaking out because she thought that everything was going to turn out terrible. Then came the next day and we had to set up the reception tables. Since the wedding was outside it was even more difficult. It was very windy so when we were setting up the tables the wind would knock stuff over.
After we got done setting up we had to get ready for the wedding. Valerie was doing my younger sister and I’s hair. Trista, my younger sister and I had to walk down her two dogs down the aisle. I was so scared because I knew her dogs wouldn’t cooperate. When it was finally time to go walk to the gazebo where the wedding was going to happen. I had on the tallest heels of all time, and I thought I was going to trip while walking down the aisle.
Once we got to the gazebo, there wasn’t a lot of people so I wasn’t as scared. The music started to play and disaster struck. The dog I had to walk slipped out of his collar. Val told me just to walk without him, so I did. I got up to the gazebo and stood without a dog but holding the leash and collar, looking very stupid since my other sister did have a dog. It was great though because I didn’t have to deal with the dog. Trista had the other dog and it started whining because the other one was loose and he wasn’t so we had to let him go. During the ceremony the dogs kept running through the bride and groom. It was definitely a fun one but a disastrous one.


  1. I liked the way you wrote it in third person, so at first I didn't know it was your sister. When the dog you had to walk down the aisle came out of its collar, I thought you would have to chase it around. My favorite part was when your talked about them meeting in college.

  2. I enjoyed reading about the wedding.


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