Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse

One day there is a girl and she was home alone. The girls’ parents died in a car accident when she was only ten years old. She is 12 years old. Now she heard a noise upstairs. She was scared because no one was home except her. She was so scared, she held on to her dog, and a pillow and squeezed tightly, and closed her eyes. When she didn't hear the noise again she let go of everything.
When she heard the noise again she walked upstairs. The dog started growling,  that made her even more scared. When she got to the top of the stairs the lights weren't working. Then she started walking over to her brother’s room and before she got there she heard a noise behind her, the noise escalated quickly. Then when the noise sounded like it was right behind her, she ran to her brother’s room and closed the door.
The lights in her brother’s room the lights worked and she looked around for a weapon she found nothing. The noise got louder and louder then is just stopped. She sat there for a bit and watched the door. Then the door bursted open and it was a herd of zombies. She was so scared she found a knife under her brother’s bed.
She killed one zombie and left the knife in the zombies head then the window behind her broke open and it was her brother. Her brother said jump to me and then she did as told. Then when she got down the dog tried to jump down but before it jumped it was getting eaten by the zombies.  When they went to the store to take food for a long time they went to Bass Pro shop. Then they walked in there was an entire group of people and they had food, weapons, and little kids. One one side there was a play section for kids to play.
The girls name was Clementine she didn't have any friends she was lonely. She hung around her brother, no matter what and her brother talked to the adults. They said that they need to make groups and some people go get even more food. The other group gets gas for cars and wood to make a barrier around the entire shop. The end of the night Clementine and her brother went to bed by the gun’s section. When they both woke up they went downstairs and there was food ready for them.
Then the leader of the group told them two to go on their first watch. Their first watch was looking after the little kids. Then their other watch was looking out for zombies. Then there were people that wanted a group to live with then the kid with them was bit. The entire group told them to leave or you will get gunned down.
Then the kid started crying and, then they started to leave. Clem (that is short for clementine) she told the family to come here then she threw down a bag with some food, water, a 9mm glock with 50 rounds and 2 clips then the family said thanks and they went their way. Then the next day Clem found her brother with the leader of the group. Clem wanted to know what they were talking about but her brother told her to make some friends. Clem ran off crying.
Then her brother found her in a tent by the tent section. Then her brother told her that she was sorry and he picked her up and before they got back downstairs her brother handed her a desert eagle, a holster that hid under her shirt on her back and some ammo. Clem said thanks and she put the gun in the holster. Then they walk downstairs. It was supper time the entire group were all sitting on the floor in a big circle.
The leader closed the door and put the barricade over the door. They started eating mac n cheese. After that everyone had the kids go to sleep. But Clem didn't have to go to bed because she was above ten. Clem started talking about what are we going to do when they run out of food.
They all said lets not worry about that time until it comes. Then the entire group went to bed. Clem’s brother told Clem before she fell asleep and said “Clem I had hid a lot of food and weapons from the entire group”. Then they both fell asleep. The next day Clem woke up and woke her brother up and asked if he had hid anything else from the group. He said a car is hid in the back of the store with a lot of gas.
Then he said if everything goes south with this group we will gather up everything that we can and head out. Then they walked down stairs. The next day it was Clem’s birthday and they found cupcakes and that is what they had for a snack. Then they gave Clem a hunting rifle for kids it was  a light weight which made it good for Clem. Clem shot that gun for one hour.
Clem’s brother showed Clem how to properly shoot and how to reload faster. The weapon was a bolt action rifle. Then the next, day Clem saw a person and that saw the smoke from the fire. Then Clem said there is a person. The leader and Clem’s brother came over.
Then they said that they need medication. They said what for? He said for my sister and the leader Clem’s brother and Clem didn't believe him. The they heard a scream and Clem, her brother, and the leader all jumped down and got the medication from one of the other members. They followed the guy and when they got there there was a girl that had a scratch on her arm.
The leader picked up the girl and they ran back to the group. The leader told the girl to climb up the carte. The leader told Clem to go. Then her brother and behind the leader there was a herd of zombies. Then Clem’s brother told the leader to get up.
Then the leader said if he is not going to make it out of the herd Clem’s brother is going to be the leader. When the zombies got there all of the people started to shoot the zombies and the leader got up. To Be Continued…

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  1. I thought this story was very interesting to read, you should make more like this. One suggestion though; you could have given maybe a little more background information before you headed into the whole zombie thing so quickly.


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