Thursday, November 6, 2014



Summer is here;
Kids are laughing.
School is over,
And the time is passing.

Softball and Baseball season is here,
Everyone is starting to cheer.
Children in the pool are splashing and playing,
While the adults are on the side just laying.

Soon the pool closes,
And the sweaters come on,
No more having to mow the lawn.

The leaves are changing color,
And starting to fall.
They are piling higher and higher;
They look like a wall.

Halloween is here;
Pumpkins are made.
Kids get scared,
And decorations displayed.

The trees are bare,
And the leaves have fallen.
Winter takes over,
And out goes autumn.

Nights are long,
Days are short.
The air is cold,
And the coffee is bold.

Thanksgiving rolls by,
And out comes the pie;
Fresh and warm,
During the snowstorms.

As we watch the snow drift down,
It slowly hits the ground.
It glistens bright and white,
And it snows all through the night.

We drink hot cocoa,
And play in the snow,
With our gloves and mittens,
And fuzzy kittens.

Christmas time is here;
Everyone is full of cheer.
Candy canes are on the tree,
And the winter smell surrounds me.

As we watch the snow pile up,
We all cuddle up,
Wrapped warm in our blankets,
And soft fluffy jackets.

We hang ornaments on the tree,
And spend time with our family.
Christmas spirit all around,
While Santa Clause comes to town.

Christmas morning has arrived,
All the kids will soon be surprised,
With all of the gifts they unwrap,
They will need a little nap.

Winter is drifting into spring,
It is such a beautiful thing.
Flowers are blooming on the trees,
And bees are stinging all over me.

The snow is gone,
So birds sing their song.
They sing loud and proud,
Up into the clouds.

The weather gets warmer,
And the kids get louder,
Sun gets brighter,
And out blooms the flowers.

The year has gone by fast,
It never did seem to last.
There is lots or reasons,
To love the four seasons.

There was sun and rain,
And snow and frost,
But now the time is lost,
Within the seasons.


  1. I liked the way you made me feel like I was in every season. My favorite part was about summer because summer is my favorite season.

  2. I really liked your poem. When you described the season and what goes on during them made me feel like I was there. All of the poem went together really well.

  3. I liked the way you made some words rhyme and some not rhyme. Doing that made parts of the poem make sense. Good job.

  4. I really liked your poem. I liked the way you made me feel like I was in every season all at once, and I liked the ending where you said "There was sun and rain, And snow and frost, But now the time is lost, Within the seasons." That was my favorite part.

  5. Great job Bella! I like that you were talking about the seasons, you described the weathers of the seasons really well! Made me feel like I was in the seasons. :) I really like the part when you talked about christmas time!

  6. Great job Bella! I loved reading some of your poems. You did a great job rhyming some of the poems! It made me feel like I was actually experiencing the seasons. I really liked the part when you started talking about Christmas time because I love Christmas, great job Bella. :)

  7. I really like your poem. You explained all of the seasons really well. I like the part of the poem that was about snow. You did a really good job. You made me feel like I was really experiencing winter. The whole poem went together very well.

  8. I really like this poem because it's all about the seasons. It is really good it rhymes really good and it all flows together.


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