Wednesday, November 5, 2014


“Get in the van.” yells Molly as Tom hops in the van. Molly has been waiting for a long time for her big chance to shine. She has worked for GYBU news force for nearly four years now. She is trying to get promoted to head the reporter. Her big chance has just happen when a lady with four baby kittens rolled her car and her kittens are stuck in the car safe and sound. Out of nowhere an mysterious man in a black cape swoops out of the sky.
 The mysterious man landed right beside the car and started to push it over. As he is pushing the car over Molly is standing beside Tom as he records this, but as they’re recording a man and his accomplice punch the mysterious man in the face. Out of disbelief Tom hands Molly the camera and runs to help the mysterious man.  Tom runs of up and superman punches the bad guys to try and help the mysterious man.
            Tom is going hard in the paint. He has knocked out his accomplice, and he’s fighting the bad guy.
The bad guy yells at Tom “Be ready to face the wrath of Dr. J!” Dr. J runs after Tom, but the mysterious man kicks Dr. J in the face. Tom calls the cops as soon as the mysterious man has Dr. J restrained. As the cops turn the corner, the mysterious man takes off into the sky.
 Tom yelled to him “what's your name?”
He yells back “Spooderbat!”
As the cops show up, Tom tells the cops everything they need to know about the situation
that happened. Tom tells them Spooderbat saved the kittens and fled the crime scene for his own protection. But the best thing of all was that Molly had just captured her big opportunity.
            Molly and Tom became the best reporters in Ponser. Every big city news force has contacted them for a job. Tom and Molly are very excited, but they don't know if they should stay in Ponser or go to the big cities. Molly and Tom talked for hours about their decision.
Molly finally said, “Lets just stay here and live with our family in our mid-sized town.” 
Tom said, “That’s a brilliant idea!”
After their confrontation with Spooderbat the town is still buzzing about the masked man fighting off the villains. One long day has gone by and not a single phone call has rung in the GYBU main office. Finally, a deep hoarse voice calls in saying they have 14 people being held hostage in the Mid-County Bank.
Molly yells at Tom “Wake up Tom, we got a situation!”
Tom jumps up off the couch in astonishment and runs to his beloved van. Tom slips the fan into drive right as Molly shuts the passenger door.
 As Tom drives Molly is shouting out directions to Tom “ Turn left onto Grand Drive. Take a right onto Gotham Boulevard. Stop the van on 119th street and we’ll have to walk the rest.”
As Tom pulls up to 119th street Molly sees Spooderbat racing to Mid-County Bank. Tom and Molly are running their fastest, but not trying to drop their equipment. They can’t keep with to Spooderbat though; he’s just too fast. Finally, after about a minute of running Tom and Molly reach the bank.
The cops are already there yelling at the robbers, “Come out with your hands up!”
Of course, they don't come out. Tom has gotten the camera up and running. Molly fixes her hair and starts a countdown.
            Molly says “ 3…. 2…. I’m here at the Mid-County Bank with my partner Tom running camera. There are people being held hostage in Mid-County Bank right now. The number of people inside is unknown. All we know is that the superhero “Spooderbat”, as he calls himself is inside trying to neutralize the bad guys. We’ll be back after the break.”

*Spooderbats point of view*
            Spooderbat has broken into the bank through the air ducts. He is crawling around through the air system and finally finds a way out. He slips out the little opening and he finds himself in the bathroom. He has to use the restroom so he goes to the restroom quick before going to save the day. After peeing and washing his hands quietly, he sneaks out the bathroom. He is looking around trying to find the hostages. He can't find anyone, but the three bad guys guarding the vault. He throws one of his ninja stars and slits the middle guy guarding the vault. He climbs the wall and climbed in the rafters. In the corner at the top of the rafters is the breaker box. He cuts the wires and shuts off the power. After the power is off he, swoops down from the ceiling and breaks the guy on the outside left’s neck. The outside guy on the right is shooting his gun randomly trying to shoot Spooderbat. Spooderbat grabs his ninja star out of the dead guy’s throat and throws it at the guy on the right. Spooderbat is trying to find where the hostages are, but he can’t find them. Finally he hears a baby crying in the big vault. He yells at the cops to come in and secure the bank.

To be continued………….


  1. This story is great! I liked the part when you said he peed and washed his hand quick it sounds like a comedy adventure. there were some errors but again good job.

  2. This story was exciting and it kept me so i was not board of reading. It had a good storyline reminded me of one of my dreams i had when i was a kid.

  3. I like how the baby wizards spells wouldn't do any damage but the moms would freak out.


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