Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct. PPOW Seasons


The animals are all around.
Some in the air some on the ground,
the animals are coming back.
Hopefully they can find a snack.
The trees are wearing flowers,
and the ground is soggy from snow.
The newborn explore for hours
then they prance around to put on a show.
Clouds are high and low,
with rain instead of snow.
Flowers bloom all around
on the new grassy ground.
The Easter Bunny will come our way,
eggs will be in vision for just one day.
As the spring passes by,
it waves goodbye.
Then summer will come,
along with so much fun.


Spring has now gone,
summer has come along.
School is out,
so the children play about.
The temperature has gone from 60 to 81.
The pool will be so much fun.
Families will spend time with each other.
They might make lemonade or just get a glass of water.
Then go back for another,
as the day gets hotter.
Summer nights are nice.
With starry skies clear as ice.
Nearing the end of summer
is always such a bummer.
As summer melts away,
fall is on its way.


From summer to fall,
leafs will fall.
The leafs change color all season long,
while grass turns brown on the lawn.
Farmers harvest crops
before the temperature drops.
Parents rake piles of leafs up to their knees,
and kids jump in them if they please.
Then people dress up for Halloween,
every age from one to thirteen.
People come together for Thanks Giving.
Visiting family and all day they’re dining.
The goodies that people bake
can be really hard to make.
Now it’s fall, but it can’t be here to stay.
Soon it will be winter and I can’t wait another day.


Leafs are hidden under a blanket of snow.
It is hard to believe fall was a few months ago.
Kids are outside
going for a sleigh ride.
Snowmen are in the yard,
now white with glittery snow.
It shines like a shard
from a broken glass window,
It’s cold and wet,
but winter is not over yet.
There are goodies and treats
that the whole family eats.
Soon the snow turns to water,
while the months get hotter.
The cycle starts anew
and the year is new.

All the Seasons
Every season is great.
No one can wait.
Each is tons of fun,
with things to do at home or on the run.
There are celebrations for every event.
A season wherever people may have went.
Different weather for each one to show,
winter is cold with snow;
while summer is hot and dry,
during fall, it’s cool and leafs float by.
Spring is rainy and wet
but none have happened yet.


  1. I liked your poem, it was really good and it explained the seasons.

  2. I loved the way you described the seasons. It made me feel like I was actually experiencing all of the seasons. I liked the way you wrote the line, "Leafs are hidden under a blanket of snow." The way you used a metaphor to describe it was amazing.

  3. Your poetry is very descriptive. My favorite part was when you said "As summer melts away, fall is on its way". It was a great use of language.

  4. I like you're poem it was very good. I like the way you described the seasons and holidays.

  5. I liked that you explain all of the seasons and all that happen in the seasons and you did a good job of descriptive writing.


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