Wednesday, November 5, 2014


John was a 20 yr old man fascinated by cars. At the time he had a 1989 Nissan R32 Skyline. It was lime green and had two 20lb. noss tanks with a 3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6 engine. It had a Dual-Clutch gearbox with a twin turbo. He was an undercover cop.
One day he went to his normal restaurant and ordered his usual tuna sandwich. At the register was Victoria he usually came to see her. On this particular day three drag cars came to the restaurant right as John was leaving to get in his car.
One of the drivers came up to him and asked “Why do you keep coming here?”
John replied, “I like the tuna.”
The racer exclaimed, “Nobody likes the tuna!”
John replied, “Well, I do.”
The man pulled John back by the shoulder and John punched him. Hank got up and punched him back. Then, it was an all out brawl. Inside the restaurant, Victoria yelled to her older brother, “Get out there!”..... “Get out there Jack!”
Jack rose out of the chair in the back room and walked out to the fight. The other two racers were standing in the restaurant watching. Jack pulled Hank off of John and told John to get in your car and never come back. John did exactly that.
The next night there was a street race,a John showed up and the other racers were there. Later Jack came in and parked on the starting line and got out. and came over to John and said “What are you doing here?”
John replied “Came to race!”
Jack laughed “In that junkpile?”
John smiled and said “I’ll race car for car”
So John, Jack and two other racers went up to the start line. Jack wasn’t worried at all. the race started and Jack was in the lead and John was at last place. John quickly passed the other two, and it was Jack and John neck to neck. John used his nitro as they came across the last straight away.
When John pulled ahead, Jack mumbled “To soon.”
Jack used his nitro and barely pulled ahead and won the race. After the race John came over to Jack’s car and got out.
Jack said, “What are you smiling about?”
John replied, “Dude I almost had you!”
The whole crowd starting laughing at John.
Jack said, “You almost had…. me?”
Jack added, “You never had your car!”
Then there was a panic
One person yelled, “Cops!”
Everyone ran to their cars and drove in all directions. Jack drove his car to a parking lot and got out and started walking down the street. A cop drove past him and turned around and chased Jack into an alley; luckily John followed Jack, John picked up Jack in the alley and sped away from the police.
They were driving on a street and motorcyclist came up to the window.
Jack groaned, “This is gonna be a long night.”
The cyclists said told John, “follow me!”
When they reached their destination the cyclists got off their bikes, and Jack and John got out of the car.
One cyclist said, “This looks like a nice ride huh Nico?”
Nico replied, “Yes, yes it is”
The cyclist drove away, but came back and blew up the car. Jack and John started to walk home.
John asked, “What was that about?”
Jack replied, “Long story.”
John said, “It will be a long walk.”
By the time they got home there was a party at Jacks house.
John said, “See you later.”
Jack said, “No you want a drink?”
John replied, “Sure.”
When Jack came in he went over to Hank and asked, “Where were you?”
Hank replied, “There were cops all over man.”
Jack said, “Well, now John will be staying for a while.”

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