Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Haunted House

The Haunted House
One time a little girl named Skyler was wondering around a house. Then she saw a white thing go across a hallway she followed that around the house. It then went to the kitchen and ran water. Skyler ran to her friends house to get her as quick as she could before it attacked her. She was able to get to her friend Sabrina’s. Sabrina and Skyler ran back to the house and shut the water off and shut off all the lights.

When they got done doing that they ran to Sabrina’s house and woke her parents up. Skyler ran back to her house to wake up her parents after she woke up Sabrina’s parents. Then she told them to get dressed and said “you have to see something real quick”. All the kids and parents went to this house and walked around it. Skyler felt something yank her hair and dragged her to the bathroom. Sabrina followed the mystery. When Sabrina got the the bathroom she turned on her flashlight and opened the door and saw a dead body. The next day Sabrina went to the house at night time and did the same thing. She walked into the bathroom and waited till the ghost smelled some people walking in the house. When Sabrina walked in the house she heard a voice yelling “HELP ME”!!!  in the bathroom closet. Sabrina opened the closet door and there was Skyler.

Sabrina turned on the lights and saw Skyler sitting there with a knife in her hand. Skyler pulled Sabrina in the closet with her and waited till the parents came looking for them both. They both yelled “HELP ME”!! again for them to come and get the little girls. Finally, the parents came looking for them. They went in the bathroom at the very last minute to look. All the parents looked in the closet and both girls went to jump on them and kill them all. The next day they went to their home and burned all their stuff.

Skyler and Sabrina both had a fun time by themselves living on their own. Both of the girls went to the funeral for their parents. Even though they did not care for them both. The next day both kids went to the park and played for a while until the cops came after them both.  They followed the girls until they got to their own house. The cops followed them in and looked all over for them. They lived in a small little town where people died at. The cops thought that a ghost killed both kids parents but they fingerprinted the knife and had Skylers fingerprint on it. The people who go to haunted houses came and investigated the house and it came up as it was hunted the kids did not kill the parents. They looked around the house and seen that every thing that the parents had bought was gone and burned behind the house. The cops knew that they killed their parents but they did not want to ask them if they did because the cops knew that the kids would have lied about it. So the kids decided to just tell the cops the truth. Since the cops  know the truth the cops took them to the station and asked them some questions.

When the cops found out why they did what they did they finally put them in jail with some other kids. They missed school for a year. They both were on the news on tv, when there grandparents found out they came and got the girls, they did the same with their grandparents. No one was happy that they had a murderers in town. The police came and got the girls again, they were in prison for the rest of their life.

When someone came to get the girls they did the same thing to them. No one wanted them at their house, every one felt frightened even their cousins. During school they would hide in their bathrooms even if they don’t have to go they will skip school and hide somewhere where no one will find them. The cops took them to a adoption place and they had so much fun there that they gave up on killing their sibling and friends. A girl came in and told them that she wanted to adopt a kid. The cashier took her where all the kids are safe. She found a couple kids, also  realized that it would be a lot of money just for her to adopt two  cute little kids. She wanted Skyler and Sabrina. The two little girls told her that the girls will take care of the price. That next day the girls finally went to the courthouse to take care of the adoption for their new mother and father, but none of them were happy that the price is more than their old parents funeral. But, now that the new mom has control over the girls they don’t have to go everywhere when it is winter. But they live in the haunted house. They kept on hearing water run and shutting doors, also screaming little kids, but the girls knew that they were not screaming because they would be asleep before nine at night. That night they did not know what to do besides go to their old house and live their instead. The new mom wanted to know why they were in the adoption center.  

Skyler said “long story, plus i don’t want to talk about it”. The new mom’s name was  Ally. Ally and the kids had a fun time with new parents.  
When they got to the house Ally looked around, the kids took her for a scroll around the house. Ally loved the house. Skyler realized that it just was not her, she knew that it was everyone’s that she lives with now. But since Sabrina is now Skyler’s sister she can love her more then she use to but now that Ally does not want them any more she will not feed them or take care of them. The girls need to clean the house every day of their life because their new mom will not clean or help around the house because she wants the kids to work every day even though they don’t go to school anymore because of what they do.

Every day they just want to leave and never comeback. Both girls had such a hard time living. They had to go to other peoples houses to eat. When they did they spent the night their for a night and go to another and do the same it went on and on until their new mom called the cops and searched for them both. When the cops found they they asked why they were at another persons house. They explained why they were and took them back to the adoption.

Ally came to visit them the next day and apologized to them for what she did to them. The cops found her at the adoption. The cops has been looking for her for 4 months straight. When they found her the cops explained to the girls why she was going to jail. The cops told the girls that “Ally has been doing this for her whole life, she will be in prison for quit a while she has adopted kids before and the same thing happened except they were little kids like 2.” The kids knew what was going on while they were putting the stepmom in jail that day. Another cop took the kids back to the adoption center and explained why they were back so early. The cashier took them to the room they were in before. When they go to the room they laid down and sleep until someone came for them. The kids realized that she only used them so that Ally can not do anything, the kids thought to themselves “maybe that is why she stunk so bad.” then the next day a person came to say hi to them. They came out and saw that it was their aunt’s and grandparents. Sabrina ran up to her aunt and started to cry because she looked just like her mother.  

The night when they were all in the house down the road from there own house the girls went to that house again and stayed there for the rest of their lives. They have had a fantastic time at that house.  Then a year later they died from a cancer called Brain Cancer.

The End


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