Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Nightmare That Killed

The Nightmare that Killed

It all starts out in a dark and old spooky house. May and her friends June and Tuesday were walking home from the park. May asked her friends if they wanted to go to this abandoned house on Elm street. Her friends said sure, so they walked to Elm street and they came to the house.
When they got to the house June said “I really do not want to go in this house anymore.”
“Don’t be a baby,” called out Tuesday
They all walked into the house. May was the first one to walk in the house, then June and last Tuesday. As they were walking through the house they kept hearing a loud screaming sound. Tuesday walked up some stairs and behind her, the noise escalated. Tuesday and her friends were very frightened. Tuesday, June, and May walked up the stairs shaking. When Tuesday got to the top of the stairs the floor gave out and she fell through the floor.
May called out, “Tuesday are you ok?”
There was no answer. She called out again and again and again, still no answer.
June said, “I am going to go down there and see if she is ok.”
“No let me go with you,” said May
“No, I am older I will go by myself,” said June alittle mad.  So June went down.
She got down there and screamed “She is dead!”
They were so scared they did not know what to do.
June said “What do we do? How will we tell her mom and dad?”
“I don't know, should I call the cops?” said May as she was getting out her phone
“No do not call because I know what to do.” said June
June starts to pick up Tuesdays lifeless body, but it was so heavy she could not really pick it up.
She called to May and said “May get your butt down here and help me pick her up.”
May starts to climb down, to help get Tuesdays lifeless body out of the house.
“What are we doing with her June?” said May,
“We are going to take her to my house and put her in the basement and you will have to wait and see for the rest.” said June with a weird look on her face
They started there longish walk to Junes house, but as they were walking they found a wheelbarrow.
“June can we put her in the wheelbarrow because she is getting very heavy to carry all the way to your house?” said May trying to catch her breath.
“Yes great idea May.” June says as she runs to the wheelbarrow and as she gets to the wheelbarrow she says, “There is an old tarp in here so we can put it over her so no one will see us with a dead body.”
They started walking again taking turns on pushing the wheelbarrow, as they were walking they passed the old church and the old broken down gas station. After they passed the old gas station and walked down the block they came to June’s house.
“Thank the lord my mom is not home because she would ask why we were bringing a wheelbarrow in the house and would kill me.” said June giggling at the end of her sentence.
“How are we going to get a big wheelbarrow down into your basement?” asked May
“We are not taking the wheelbarrow down into my basement we are taking the body down there.” said June as she starts to get Tuesday's dead, lifeless body out of the wheelbarrow.
They start to make their way down the stairs. June is like a science geek/nerd so she has a lab room type thing down there and that is where they are taking her to.
“June you are going way too fast I am going to drop her.” said May scared out of her mind
“It is fine if you drop her she is dead anyway.” said June
“What are we doing with her anyway because you never told me?” asked May a little scared to know the answer
“I still can't tell you that part yet,” said June
June takes the body and puts it in her deep freezer down in her basement. As June was putting the body inside the freezer Mays phone rang and It was her dad.
“My dad wants me home to eat supper I have to go I will come by when I am done eating.” May said as she ran upstairs and out the door.
June was all alone with no one to watch her do what she was about to do. As she was going upstairs to get her knife she heard a sound that she has heard before. June heard a knock on the door and heard someone say “Open up this is the police.” She didn't know what to do so she put her knife away and went to answer the door. It really was the cops too.
She ask “Yes, is something wrong?”
They came in looking all over the place. They did not see her go downstairs to hide the body. She told herself, that she knew who called the cops it had to have been May because she is a tattletale. June had her knife in her hand and walked over to the dead body of Tuesday. June started cutting into Tuesday and that is where Junes mom woke her up for school.
“Thank god that it was just a dream.” June said to herself.
June got ready for school, and went to meet up with her friends, but only May came and she came crying.
“What's wrong May? Why are you crying?” said June hugging May.
“Its Tuesday she…. she died last night.” May said crying.
“What happened? How did she die?” said June remembering her dream.
“She called me up on the phone last night, and said she was having knife like pain.” May said.
The dream.

The End

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