Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Greatest Games

  The Greatest Games
It was Tuesday, September 30, 2014, our team was ready to go to Treynor and win. When we got to Treynor, it started to rain hard. When the seventh-grade team was done playing their game, the eighth-graders went out there, and it was a good start for us. The game started off with Ben Ehlers getting an interception, then on the first offensive play for us Gabe Pauley ran the ball for a touchdown, but this was only the beginning. The first quarter played out with them punting and us getting the ball, then we had Gabe run it in for another touchdown. When were on defense, we held them back, and  we were getting the tackles in the backfield. We had a good six-two formation going for the first two quarters.
In the second quarter, we were winning thirty-four to zero  When we went back out into the game for the third quarter, we figured out what play worked the best. We would run a fifteen, and we would gain a lot of yards. When we scored again, the score was forty-two to zero. In the third quarter we gave up one touchdown and only one touchdown. At the end of the game we won forty-two to six.
Final game
The day is Tuesday, October 14, 2014. We are ready for our last game of the season against the Tri-Center Trojans. When we got there, we did a little warm-up. We went in a huddle and had a little relaxation time for about five minutes to visualize what we were going to do this game. The backs were visualizing making tackles, making touchdowns, and for the linemen, we visualized making tackles, and making good blocks. When we were done visualizing, we stretched out for our game. We were loose and ready to play. When the stretching was over, the line guys did some hitting drills and blocking drills. Next, we partnered up and one side would get on our hands and knees, and we would hit our partner’s pads, so we got used to hitting and blocking. Right before the seventh grade game started, we got in a huddle and had a break.
When the game started, we kicked, and they received. When we got on defense, Brady had the first tackle. We came out strong in the first half. Brady made the next tackle. It was third and seven on the forty-six yard line. They kept on running it up the middle, and they were getting nowhere. After we were done with offense, we gave up a touchdown in the first quarter. In the second quarter, we gave up another touchdown making the score sixteen to zero. In the fourth quarter, Joey scored an eighty yard touchdown when we ran a counter. Nothing really happened in the fourth quarter. At the end of the game, the score was sixteen to six. We lost, but seventh grade did their best.
When the eighth grade game began, we kicked, and they received. We began the game on the ten yard line. They tried to run it up the middle, but I was there to make the tackle. On the second play, I was there to make the tackle with some help from Gabe, Blake, and Caden. In the first quarter when we were on offense we gave the ball to Gabe, and he ran it into the endzone to make the score eight to zero after the P.A.T. When we kicked the ball, the ball bounced over the athlete’s head, and they were down at the ten yard line again. This time they got some big yards when they ran to the outside, but we still held them back, so they didn’t score. We had the ball, and it was second down. We gave the ball to Gabe again, so he could run to the outside and score, but we didn’t score. Instead we ran for big yards for a first down. After that, we had Gabe score again. We kicked, and Gabe Madsen made the tackle by diving at his ankles.
It was the beginning of the third quarter, and we were holding them back! They ran the ball to the outside and got about a thirty yard gain. Then, they did the same thing to the outside, and they scored. The score was now eight to six. We prevented them from getting the P.A.T. When we had the ball, we handed the ball off to Gabe, and he was gone! He scored another touchdown. Now, we were ahead sixteen to six. They tried to pass the ball, but Korbin intercepted it, and we were on offense. We had Drake run the ball, and he scored a fifty yard touchdown. Score is twenty-four to six, and we are on defense. They tried to pass, but Drake sacked the quarterback. The next thing they tried was another pass, but just as their quarterback had just about throw the ball, Caden plowed the guy for a loss of about four yards.
When we were on offense, Blake handed the ball off to Gabe, and he scored again! We had made the P.A.T. Now the score was thirty to six because we didn’t make the P.A.T. It was now fourth quarter, and we had five minutes left, and we had the ball. Our next play was obviously a run to Gabe, and surely enough he scored again. The rest of the game no one scored, so the game ended up being thirty-six to six. We had won, but they played well, and they were pretty easy to compete with.


  1. I really liked how he expressed the actions that happend in great detail. I also liked that I was in it.


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