Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October PPOW

Family is forever.
They never let you down,
When you want to frown.
Don’t worry;
Your family is always around.
They love you and hug you,
And although they may bug you,
You love your family too.
Without your family you wouldn’t know what to do.
Family vacations and birthday parties,
When you attend,
You’ll never be sorry.
Brothers, sisters, moms, and dads,
Without these you would be sad.
Family is there for you from the very start,
They can hold you together when you're falling apart.
Families stick together through thick and thin.
They stick together again and again.
Loving families are a really good story,
And together they can watch that forgetful fish Dory.

Everyone has a dream.
What does that mean?
Some people have dreamed big, ever since they were a kid.
Some people dream small.
There’s nothing wrong with that at all.
You can dream about what you’ll do in the future.
You can even dream about meeting Ashton Kutcher.
Some people want to be famous,
Some not at all.
Some even want to play professional football.
Someone might dream about being a winner.
Someone else might just dream about what they want for dinner.
You might want to be the President of the United States,
Or you might want to be the next Bill Gates.
Everyone has a dream what is yours?
I bet it’s not doing chores.

Summer is warm.
Summer is sweet.
The power of summer is hard to beat.
The heat outside is burning strong,
With Summer you can never go wrong.
The long sunny days.
Camp fires,
Lots to get done,
Before the nice days expire.
Fall is coming,
And birds are humming getting ready to leave.
You give a big heave,
As you rake up the leaves.
The air outside is bitter,
And different colors litter the ground.
Winter is next,
And snow is on its way.
The gray skies are a little sad,
But it’s not so bad.
You’re glad Christmas is near,
And you fear for it to end.
Don’t worry it will come again next year.
The snow melts and flowers bloom,
The gloom of winter goes away.
You pray these nice days never end.
The colors of spring start to blend.
You spend your days out in the sun,
Just having some fun.
The cold weather is done,
You run through the newly blooming flowers.
You do this for hours on end,
Just waiting for summer to begin.
The seasons start over,
After spring ends.
The trend of the seasons stay the same.
The change of the seasons put everything to shame.


  1. I liked the way that it flowed easily. I likes the ending of the PPOW.

  2. I liked the way you made most of the lines rhyme with each other . My favorite part was when you were you said what people might dream of.

  3. When you mentioned that your family loves you and hugs you, but they may bug you, I thought that it totally reminded me of you. I liked the way you talked about the different types of dreams, and how you rhymed them.

  4. I really liked the way you wrote your poems. They flowed really well. My favorite part was the dream poem because it was true and flowed really well.


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