Wednesday, November 5, 2014

metro last light


It started while I was on watch with three other guards. We heard some noises from the guards ahead of us gunfire… then nothing at all. We all had our rifles at the ready and then it attacked Nosilis wolf like creatures. I shot at them, and I had no sight of my buddies. As I took two out, I was attacked by the third one and knocked against a wall. The Nosilis pounced, and I stabbed it through the skull just to realize that it and the other two were my comrades! Then I saw it, a dark one. They say that the dark ones are a head taller than the tallest man. Word is they can tear armed men apart and are incredibly strong and unnaturally evil. I woke up from my nightmare with my buddy, Khan, standing above me. A commander started yelling at Khan that he shouldn’t be here. I got up and  walked over to my desk. I grabbed my bullet lighter. Everyone had one, and also grabbed my journal. I walked down to the armory to get my gear: a gas mask, filters, medkits, and finally my weapons. I took the standard weapons, and I walked over to the shooting  range to test my weapons. After I had finished testing my weapons, I had to go follow Khan and the commander. As we got in the elevator, while we were going up to a different floor, one of the other rangers in the other elevator started shouting at the commander.
“Did you hear what happened with Lesnitsky?” said the ranger.
The commander replied, “No, what happened?”
The ranger said, “The door to the lab was locked when we got it opened and  the lab was ransacked and Lesnitsky was gone.” The commander turned around and said something about him getting in trouble with his superiors because of Lesnitsky. I kept walking to go and see Colonel Miller for my mission. When we got there, Colonel Miller told me that Khan had found a dark one, and  it had survived the missiles that I launched to destroy all the dark ones. Now I must hunt it down and destroy it! Miller has sent his best sniper with me, Anna. Soon we were at the ladder to the outside, and  the sun was out. We started walking to some supports that use to hold up an overpass. Anna climbed up the vines on the side to go get a vantage point. While I went to go and find the dark one. When we found it, it started running. It was unusually fast, but finally Anna hit with a shot, and I grabbed it. It used its powers to get into my mind, and  what I saw is a scene I'll never forget.
It was the day that I climbed the tower. The day I had almost destroyed the dark ones. When the dark ones had run for its life, and survived, but it was only a baby! It could not keep me out for long! Soon, I started to wake up the dark one.  It was caged, so I turned to my left and got knocked out with a boot to the face. I woke up and my hands were bound. There were two men from the red line...communists bound up next to me! A civilian and two unbound men from the Reich… Nazis. They started checking the civilian and said that he might be a mutant. A few seconds later, he was shot through the chest. The Nazis started with the first man from the red line and he started shouted stuff like, “Glory to the redline!” He was shot through the chest. The second man from the red line said that he would tell them in somewhere private. They walked up to me, and they demanded that I tell them what I was doing with the dark one. Then just behind him, the red line soldier grabbed the man that untied him and stole his knife.  He stabbed him, and  I grabbed the other man, so he didn't get shot. He stabbed the man, and freed me. He handed me the knife and took one of their guns. We tried finding a way out they said something about a garbage chute, so we opened it up, and we hopped in.
    We were in a Reich prison. We had to sneak through the prison because if they saw anyone, they would gas the entire room!  After we had gotten out of the prison, my friend gave me a silenced pistol. He found out that we were make our way through a crowd and listening to a Reich speech. Suddenly the commander giving the speech was informed that two prisoners escaped!   

My friend shot a pistol in the air, and we started running for our lives. Soon we found a rail car, one of the small cars that drive on the rails. We hopped in and started the engine. We were off! We had escaped the Reich on the way. My friend told me his name was Pavel, but soon we came to a dead end. A gate that we used the rail car to break through broke, so we couldn’t get any farther.

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