Wednesday, November 5, 2014



            The moist air filled my nose as I stepped out the front door. The dewy grass squished under my shoes. As I walked I turned to look back at the little, blue house I called home. My little sister, Tegan, poked her head out the window and waved. I waved back. My curly, silver hair flowing in the wind.
It was the same path I followed last year and the year before. The same path to the same old high school I've gone to for, four years. 
The quiet morning was only stunned by the short clicks my sneakers made against the hard pavement. The neighborhood around me began to awake with every step I took. Parents leaving for work, and kids all ready for a brand new school year.
As I neared the school building, I noticed all the familiar faces. Some new, some changed, and some just the same. Standing against the bricks of the school, was the same blonde haired, round face I learned to love throughout the years.  Mia Clairence. When she noticed me she stood up straight and held her arms out. I did the same.
“I missed you Molz!” She said hugging me tightly.
I missed you too, Mia.” I smiled. We haven’t talked all summer, being as she was in Australia with the rest of her family. We only skyped a couple times throughout the three and a half months we spent out of school.
“Don’t forget about me.” Said the sweet voice I’ve remembered ever since I was seven.
             “Hey Lucey.” I said hugging her too. “How’s the Helingood family?”
            “Great, actually. Luke and his band might become famous here soon.” She smiled.  
            While I was stuck in this tiny town, Lucey was with Mia back in Australia. It doesn’t help that Lucey’s older brother, Luke, is in a really good band.
            “So what did you do this summer Mollie?” Mia asked while we walked into the building.  I shrugged.
            “Not a lot. I took Tegan to the waterpark and spent pretty much my whole summer with her because my friends were on the other side of the world.” I explained facing the office.
            “I can’t help we have family over there. If you don’t recall we moved here with you.” Lucey said.
            “Yeah, but you didn’t have to move.” I walked up to the desk.
            “Name.” The secretary said focused on her computer.
            “Mollie Chaplinston.” I said. She looked up and smiled.
            “Welcome back to high school Mollie.” She handed me my schedule and locker number. “Tegan going to school this year?” She asked.
“Nope. Next year though.” I smiled.
“Can’t wait.” I stepped away from the desk to let Lucey and Mia get her schedules. Everyone knows Tegan.
“Hey Mollie!” Makenzie Stemblegun said excited. She hugged my shoulders. I shook her off and backed away.
“Since when have you liked me?” I asked. I was confused at her sudden act of kindness.
“Since forever.” She tapped my shoulder. “Silly.” She laughed.
“Okay, whatever.” I started to walk away. She skipped right back beside me. “Can I help you?” I said clearly wanting her to leave me alone.
“Do you want to walk to class together?” She interlocked her arm with mine. I, again, shook her off and attempted to walk to my next class in peace.
“Mollie.” She wined catching up, again.   
“Can you just go away?” I said walking faster.
“Why? Friends stick together don’t they?” She giggled. I threw my hands up.
“We’re not friends. We’ve never been. So leave me alone.” I walked into my classroom. I set my bag down by my chair.
“Makenzie problems?” Lucey whispered.  
“Tell me about it.” I whispered back getting out my notebook.
The rest of the day trudged on. Every word seemed to smash together and create one big blur of sound. The next thing I knew the last bell was ringing and the day was over. I walked back home to find a babysitter watching T.V. on the couch. My mom was, again, nowhere to be seen.
“Sissy!” Tegan ran up and hugged me. Her hands and cheek were painted green.
“What happened?” I laughed.
“I was painting.” She looked down at her hands and ran to the bathroom to wash them. I paid the babysitter and she left.  I helped Tegan clean up her paint and put her down for a nap.
There was a knock at the door.
“Hello?” I said opening it.
“Hey.” Sarah said walking into the house. She plopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V.
“Be quiet, Tegan is sleeping.” I half whispered.  “What are you doing here anyway?”
“My parents are fighting again, so I just snuck out.” She shrugged. I sat down beside her.
“Oh, the old parents. What was the fight about this time?” I looked at her.
“My dad is mad at my mom for going out with her friends, when he went out the same night with his friends.” She changed the channel.
“Oh.” I looked down.
“I know it’s stu-,” she cut herself off. “I’m sorry Mollie. I didn’t mean anything.”
“It’s okay. I’ve gotten used to it in the past few years.” I shrugged. Tegan sleepily walked downstairs. She climbed on my lap and curled into a ball.
The next morning I got up earlier than I usually do. I watched the sunrise then made some breakfast for Tegan and I. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and waited for Tegan to wake up.
“What are you doing, sissy?” She asked rubbing her eyes as she walked into the kitchen.
“I made us breakfast.” I helped her into her booster seat and gave her a plate with bacon and pancakes on it.
“Thank you.” She said, yawning.
After we finished breakfast, I helped Tegan into her school clothes. I got her buckled into her car seat and I hopped in the driver’s side.
The ride there was quiet. Tegan had fallen back asleep after we pulled out of the driveway. It was okay because I kept a little comb in the center console.
“Wake up.” I whispered once we got into the parking lot. I grabbed her hand and walked her into the daycare. She waved and ran to her crafting table. I turned back to the door and pushed it open. I walked back out into the parking lot. As I proceeded to my car when I thought I heard someone whisper my name.
“Hello?” I said into the empty lot. I shrugged it off and got into my car. I drove to the school. Just as the bell rang I sat in my seat.
Half way through class the principal walked in. She whispered something to my teacher, who pointed at me. I grabbed my bags and walked to the office with her.
“Someone needs to talk to you.” She said leading me outside. I was confused. My dad has been gone for years now.
“What?” The principal didn’t hear me. She instead pointed to the car I was supposed to go to.
“Hello, Mollie.” There was a man resting on the car.
“Hi.” I said shyly.


  1. I really liked the part when Tegan had played with paint. My favorite part was when Makenzie kept following Mollie and kept saying they were friends, and mollie flipped out; I thought it was really funny.

  2. I really liked the whole concept of the story, especially it starting out with the first day of school, very good way to start a story. I liked the character of Tegan the most she seems very cute and funny. ( :P )

  3. I really like this Madie. It sounds awesome and funny so far.


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