Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 Over coming
There was a kid from a small town he was really good at sports. He one state in wrestling when he was younger 6 times. He set the record for winning aau state that many times. In football he was and a amazing running back and linebacker he hit, hard he, blocked good and ran the ball good he averages 35 touchdowns a season. He made it on the team Iowa for football and wrestling in football he started linebacker. On the team his team won the championship 3 times in a row.He had a big part in them winning them games too he was the leader on the defense he made sure everybody knew where they were. In wrestling his team was good they had good kids at every weight he went undefeated in all his matches. His team got 2 one year and 1 the other 3 years he was a busy kid in sports and a lot to look forward to. But didn't care too much about school and it caught up with him when he was playing sports in junior high he was never ineligible but he didn't have good grades he focused on sports and not school his teacher always said he didn't pay attention in class he argued and fought with his teacher but his teachers knew he was smart and he could do it he just had to try he thought live was just going to hand him a golden ticket there was moments in class when he tried but not that much he so when he was a freshman he started on the varsity football team and they needed him on the team he was starting linebacker because they lost a starting linebacker that graduated he went threw practice and weights in the summer and he was doing pretty well and it was going to be pretty hard for him to play vs bigger kids but he is dang good so he will be fine he was doing really well the coaches were in prest with him he averaged 15 tackles a game and was doing better than most of the older kids there were undefeated they had won 8 games he was the middle linebacker now he pushed himself in practice and the weight  room they were on the way to the last game of play offs and they won that game at the state finals it was tied up in over time he picked it off and took it back for a touchdown and won the game.He was proud with his football season but he had wrestling  it would be really tough for him too come in at 180 as a freshman he practiced hard did good he won state he continued to do good and he was the running back and linebacker the next season he had 40 touchdowns and 125 tackles and he was just a sophomore he continued to win state in wrestling and football he won state the next years in football too his senior year he had choices to play football for the oklahoma or texas or oregon hes chose oklahoma played there won the heisman 4 years in row then broke the record for most touchdowns in a season most yards in season and in games he was drafted by the bears and and started broke all the rushing records and touchdown records he broke the touchdown record by 1500 and he broke the rushing record by  15.000.

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