Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Trip to Nashville

My Trip to Nashville

On August 2nd this year, my family and I drove to Nashville, Tennessee. On our way we stopped in Kansas City, Kansas to visit Schlitterbahn Water Park.  It has the tallest water slide in the world! It looked so scary!  Sadly, we didn’t go on it because you had to reserve your spot to ride it ahead of time.  That night, we went out for dinner and stayed at the Holiday Inn hotel. In the morning, we woke up early and headed to St. Louis, Missouri.
Once we got to St. Louis, we drove right to Six Flags amusement park.  It was really cool there! There was a really scary ride called Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast and it was probably my favorite. The scary part was that you went backwards first, then upside down! In the end it was really fun!
The next morning we woke up and headed to see the famous St. Louis Arch!  It was so awesome going all the way up to the top!  They had these tiny elevator cars that we had to go inside of, in order to ride up to the top of the arch.  As we were inside it, we looked out the small glass windows and saw all the tiny people and cars down below on the ground.  After we took the elevators back down to the bottom, we visited the gift shop; which had all types of St. Louis Arch souvenirs!
 After we bought gifts for a few people, we left the arch and headed for the Budweiser Brewery.  My favorite part of that tour was seeing all of the horses!  At the end of the tour, we got to have a free sample of pop and beer (for my parents) and we ate lunch in the Budweiser restaurant.
When we left we were so excited to finally head to Nashville Tennessee! It was about a six-hour drive to get to Nashville. Finally, we got to Nashville and headed to The Gaylord Opryland Hotel, it was amazing!  It had an oasis inside of it, and a little river! This was one of the best things about the hotel.  This was a hotel they made for an amusement park that Dolly Parton and someone else built. It was torn down because they got in an argument and they didn’t want it anymore.  The next day we went to a shopping center and explored our hotel.  The day after that, my mom and I went on a tour for the hit TV show “Nashville”.
 The bus driver showed us where they film and places they went in Nashville to film, it was so cool and fun!  I loved seeing the houses that they filmed in.  While on our way to some of the places we drove by some celebrities’ houses!  They were Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, and Taylor Swift’s parents house!
 One of the nights we went to the Blue Bird CafĂ© where many Nashville artists were founded, including Taylor Swift! We didn’t know the people that were performing there that night, but they were amazing! It was all sold out and we were lucky enough to get tickets. It was a small place, but they said that’s how people remember it.
 They do write some of their own songs and they were from Texas. One dude had really long hair! They also had a friend that was there and she sang a song for us. They were very entertaining, and it was a great night with my family. We all had so much fun; it was definitely one of the best nights of my life. 
 One of my favorite days was when we went to downtown Nashville! It was amazing! Its nickname is “Music Row” because all of the restaurants played music. There were a lot of cool souvenir shops and some weird shops that we didn’t really know. I really liked the diversity down there, it is way different then Iowa!
The next day Drew and I went into a museum with our parents. We had tons of fun standing on this stage you could take pictures on. It also had display guitars and a retro microphone. We took funny pictures and then looked around some more.  That day was one to remember.  
The best part of the whole trip was going to The Grand Ole Opry! When we were there, we saw some new artists that had amazing voices! During the break I helped an old guy figure out how to use a flip phone. Then close to the end of the concert Hunter Hayes, a former country music artist, performed a couple songs. Tons of teenage girls including me, ran up to get close to the stage!
While I was there I met a new friend, her name is Theresa and she is from Chicago, Illinois. We had a blast singing along to all of his songs. Hunter Hayes was the best part of the show! He sang four songs all together since there were other people that had already taken the stage. After the show we went to the gift shop so Drew could buy his girlfriend a gift.
The next morning we had to leave. We were so sad because that was the best vacation we have ever had. I really would like to go back some day. Saying goodbye to Nashville was not easy, but we had to leave at some point.

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