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The Kidnapping

The Kidnapping

Meet Lilly Dillard, she is the best detective in New York. She could find the criminal faster than the criminal could finish his job. One day on the job a new case came in. It happens to be about a little girl getting kidnapped. Her boss didn’t want to take the job; he just wanted to leave it up the regular cops. She knew the regular cops wouldn’t be able to solve this case. She confronted her boss and said she wanted to take on the case.
He said he wouldn’t allow it but she knew he had a little girl himself. She mentioned it to him
 “What if this was your daughter that was kidnapped?” He didn’t reply. Just thinking. Lilly waited in silence for him to answer the question. He spoke up
“Well this isn’t my daughter that was taken.”  She replied back
“What if she was taken tomorrow with no connection on how she was taken?” he didn’t have to think this time
“Tell the rest of the team we are taking the case.” He stated firmly.
Inside Lilly was happy with herself about confronting the boss on this case. Lilly knew she could solve this case with the help of the other detectives. She walked up to the rest of the detectives or team and said
“Get ready ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a new case.”  They all followed her into the conference room. In there waiting was her boss John Baker. He said
“Sit down everyone and Lilly will tell you about the case.”
Lilly began talking.
“Well team, there have been three kids kidnapped in the last forty-eight hours. The kids are; Taya Johnston, Marcus Windle, and Jimmy Carter. They were all taken from Brooklyn, New York but went to different schools. There was also another connection. All the kids were walking home from school when they were taken.” The team started to discuss if the kidnapper was after certain kids or just saw them walking down the street alone. Then Mark, one of the people on the team said,
“How would this kidnapper gotten them into the car?”
James asked,
“Did he use a toy or some type of pet?” John Baker said,
“We will continue this in the car, now lets go!” Lilly thought ‘How would this kidnapper lure the kids into his car?’ She was knocked out of her thinking when her boss said
“Lilly, what are you thinking so hard about?”  Lilly replied
“Just think of how he could of got the kids into the car.” 
Jenna stood up and stated,
“Both parents said their kids loved animals. What if the kidnapper used an animal to lure the kids into their car?” All the people on the team we surprised she had said anything since the incident, but that’s for another time. John was the first one to recover and said,
“That is a very good conclusion, thank you Jenna! So we figured out the kidnapper used animals to lure the kids into the car; now someone call Grace and tell her to search for anybody that just recently bought a pet out of the Brooklyn area.” Commanded John. Grace is the woman that finds all the information needed for the case on computers and in books. James took out his phone and started to call Grace.
“Grace has got it handled and she will call us back when she knows anything.” James said.
“Well team we have a few more hours until we get to Brooklyn, so sleep or whatever you want to do.” John said.  Lilly was thinking so hard about the case; she didn’t even notice she had fallen asleep.
Lilly woke up to James saying,
“Lets go sleepyhead, we don’t have all day!”
She quickly got out of the car and followed the rest of the team into the police station.
“Thank you guys for taking this case; we haven’t had something like this in a while,” said the head police officer. John replied,
“We’re happy to help.” They were walking into a room known as the conference room. The head police officer said,
“So, how much have you come up with about this case?” John commanded,
“Lilly take it away.”
“Well, we figured from your reports from the parents that the kidnapper used some kind of animal to lure the kids to the vehicle. We figured the kids were targeted because he couldn’t just pull out a puppy and every kid would be attracted to the puppy. The kidnapper could have also said he needed help finding the animal.”
            “What if this kidnapper lost his child and is trying to find a kid that will fill its place?” Said Jenna.
“That is really good, lets start fr-“  
“Sir, there is a lady that wants to talk to you.” Interrupted the head police officer’s secretary.
“Okay, thank you for letting me know. I’m sorry but there is other business I need to attend to.” Replied officer Tom.
“Okay team lets go investigate the crime scenes.” Said John. Everybody packed up and headed toward the black 2014 Chevy Tahoe. On the way to one of the crime scenes, thoughts were running through Lilly’s mind ‘could this kidnapper have kidnapped before, or was this his first time?’ ‘If he had abducted other kids, did he kill them?’ She came out of her thoughts when the car halted to stop. Everybody ran out of the car. There was a man standing there when they had arrived. When they stopped, he started to sprint down the road.
Lilly was the first one to catch and bring him down. They started to put him in the car to take him for questioning when John’s phone rang. He answered and listened to the call for a while. When he got off the phone he said,
“Everybody get into the car, we’re leaving.” James was the only one, who had the nerve to ask,
“Why do we need to go back; we haven’t taken a look at the crime scenes.” John didn’t even spare him a glance before saying,
“There was a women that came in claiming her kid was taken eight years ago the same way the kids were taken.”
It became silent after that. The guy we found at one of the crime scenes kept asking, “Do you have any kids, are they a boy or girl?”
 “Just keep quiet!” commanded John angrily. The guy was quiet the rest of the time, but kept a smirk on his face the whole time. ‘He now knew John had a kid, but what was he really happy about?’ Thought Lilly. When we got to the police station, Lilly could tell John was still mad about the person at the crime scene.
Tom knew it wasn’t time to mess around when he saw the guy walk in with the detectives. Tom asked,
“Who’s this fella?” Lilly answered,
“We found him looking around the crime scene when we arrived.”
“Hmm, thought you could tamper with the evidence did you?” Tom said, looking square into the guy’s eyes. John didn’t even let the guy answer before taking him to the interrogation room. Tom asked after John was out of hearing distance,
“Why was he so mad when he came in?”
“The guy wouldn’t shut up about who had kids and if they were girl or boy” James sighed walking away towards the interrogation room. Jenna and Lilly weren’t too far behind before Tom called out, b
“Jenna, Lilly, I need to talk to you.”
Jenna and Lilly started to walk back when a woman came rushing towards the interrogation room yelling,
“That’s my son…that’s my son!” Tom said,
“Ma'am that’s not your son.” She just kept yelling,
“That’s my son…that’s my son!” The guy looked up from inside the interrogation room even though it is one-way glass. He looked like he recognized the voice and said one word,
“Mom.” Then he started to cry.
Lilly let the lady come in and hug her son. John asked,
“Could you please sit down?” John continued after they sat down,
“Whom are you working for?” The guy didn’t say anything until is mom gave him a look.
“His name is Jason Callow; he stole me when I was ten and made me help steal the other kids.”
“Where does he live?” asked John. Before the guy could talk John asked,
 “Sorry I forgot; what’s your name?”
The guy said slowly
“Kendal Neem”
“Okay Kendal, where did Jason live and could you show us where he lived?” asked John. Kendal answered,
“Yes and he only lived a couple blocks from the crime scenes.” 
“Okay Kendal, lets go!” Lilly and the rest of the team rushed to the house. They found the kids and arrested Jason. They later returned back home.


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  1. Your story was great! I liked the way you had the characters talk about it and figure out what happened. When you had the kidnapper kidnap them with an animal, I thought that, that was a different idea, but a cool one. My favorite part was when the mother and Kendal found each other, so touching. :)


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