Wednesday, November 5, 2014


When I saw the gun I panicked thinking about what I’ll do before the trigger is pulled. My mind is shut down by my terror and I scream……… I hear nor feel anything. I looked up to see him on the ground…. Him, the one who almost ended my life a half-second ago. I analyzed his clothing and he was wearing a black hoodie with a bandana covering his face.
I thought how I just almost made my last mistake…. Me, the screw up always messing up in one way or another. Then I saw a silhouette from the evening sun, I looked to see it stumbling towards me moaning in horrible ways I’ve never heard, as I listen more closely I realize it’s more of a gurgle. A chilling gurgle which echoed in my mind as I keep gazing at it. Then I see that it fell down and started…….. eating my assailant.
I had to think it through for a moment, then as soon I regain my senses, I ran the fastest I’ve ever ran in my whole life. I looked back to see at least 150 silhouettes following behind.
I finally stopped and saw I’m at Times Square but it’s different, no one is here, the once bustling Times Square is empty, devoid of life. This was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my screwed up life. “What in the-” I said until someone interrupts me
“That was a close call back there” some woman said with a young touch to her voice. I turn around to see a beautiful blonde girl probably not even out of college.
I began to say “Who are you” but she cutted me off at who and said
“The person who saved your life”.
I thought it over and I realize that there was an arrow in my assailant but I didn’t realize that until then. I looked at her and saw she has a bow and a quiver on her back and it makes sense to me then. She is the one who saved me from my harsh demise. I asked her what’s going on and she remarked
“Have you been living in a rock for the past month!” “Everyone’s dead or killing the remaining!” “Everyone’s eating people!” I saw that she was very aggravated by my question. “ My family is dead, everyone is dead.” “Everyone..”
I tried to comfort her, but she pushes me away with a surprising amount of strength. I fell to the ground but she helped me up and says “Sorry it’s just a touchy subject for me.”
“It’s okay I understand” I said actually having no idea what’s she’s talking about.
”Anyway why are you wearing that suit?” I was confused but then I saw I was wearing a orange standard prison jumpsuit.
“Where did this come from?” I asked to no one except myself.
”You are a bandit aren’t you?!”She yelled shakily. She took out her bow and grabs and arrow.
”You’ve got it all wrong.”I stumble but she shakes her head and readys to shoot me. I looked at her with a sad look. She refused to sympathize with me so I run……….again. As I was running I felt something prick my thigh, but I kept running not daring to stop. Funny, I almost died twice that day.
I finally stop at some park in the inner city. Wow what a great part of town full of slums and bullet holes in the walls and broken windows, but I guess it’s better than back with that insane woman with a bow. Speaking of which, what pricked my thigh? I look to see an arrow stuck in it…...Pleasant. I’m hesitant pull it out, but I persuade myself that if I don’t I’ll die.
I countdown ………….3……...2…….1 I pull it out as fast as I can and instantly feel an extreme jolt of pain and I scream the loudest I’ve heard myself. I suddenly feel dizzy and eventually I fall and become unconscious. I wake up to see four people above me. I realize I’m laying on a bed.
I hear one whisper “Look he’s awake!”
Another scolds”Shhhhhhhhh… Let him get his bearings” They look like instead of helping me they are observing me.
“Was he bitten?”
“No….. it was a puncture.” Bitten…. by what? I think to myself. I look around to see a dark room with medical equipment. I try to move but I’m restrained…… Great.
I begin to panic and start struggling.
”Calm down we won’t hurt you.” For some reason I trust them. I stop fighting and calm down. They then let me go. I get up and look at them.
2 of them are brown haired girls one with a chubby face with many freckles while the other is a rather skinny girl with beauty marks here and there. And there is 2 big men with a confused look on their faces. They ask me my name, then I realize I don’t know. “I, I don’t know” I stumble.
”You have to know your name!” one girl says. But I reply
“I really don’t know!”
I raise my voice more than I wanted to. They back up slowly and saying things to calm me down. Eventually I do and ask”Where am I?”
“You're at our hideout in a hospital.” The older one says. That explains the medical equipment.
”How’d I get here?” I ask without my own permission.
”We found you on a playground bleeding out and unconscious.” One of the girls say.
“Must of been from your arrow.” The young blonde says.
“What hospital is this?” I asked as I scanned my surroundings.
“Lincoln Hospital and Mental Health Center in the Bronx.” “It’s not cozy or maybe even safe but right now it’s home.”
“Alright, this is good.” I say as I calm down. I relaxed back into the bed and took a nap for a while. I woke up to the sound of gunfire and yelling.
“ Come out ya cowards!” I heard a grisly sounding voice say.
“ We had a deal!” another voice yelled.
The end……. until next time.

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  1. I think this PPOW was a well one because I have not yet seen any problems with this PPOW. If I could say one thing about this PPOW is it was for sure enjoyable to read.


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