Friday, February 6, 2015



Once upon a time in a magical village lived a whole colony of miniature wizards. There were elder wizards who new every spell, and potion there was to know. Also there were baby wizards who didn’t know anything, and that would spawn fire all over the village. Although no damage would happen, it was still funny to watch the moms freak out. But there was this one special wizard that lived in small shack away from everyone and closer to the real people of the world. His name was, Marcus. He would spy on the humans and try to see their ways of life.
Every time he went out to the real world, he could always hear his parents telling to him “whatever you do, don’t get caught by a human.”
One day he was hiding in a banana peel, and a Yellow Lab came, and picked up the banana peel and ate him. He was so small though that he didn’t get chewed up and went straight to the stomach. He goes through the whole process of the human body and gets pooped out in a day. He doesn’t realize where he’s at. He looks around for an hour before getting picked up into a paper sack. He passes out because he can’t even right now. He wakes up in a classroom, and reads the board which say “dissecting poop”. By now Marcus is worried that the secret of the wizards is going to be released to the whole world. He’s jerking and kicking, just trying to get out of the poop, but by now it has became like cement. By now the reality of the wizards getting exposed is setting in on Marcus and he realizes there’s nothing he can do anymore. The class comes in the door and sits in their desks. Marcus gets set on this nerdy looking boys desk, and now knows he is done for. He feels his leg get clasped on. He can hear the hard poop breaking off his skin. By now his whole body is out and the boy is looking at him. The boy wipes his glasses, and is in amazement. He wipes Marcus off with a wet wipe, and puts him in his desk. Marcus is now confused at why he is in the desk. He reached for his boot only to find his wand broken into two pieces. Marcus starts to cry knowing his life and his whole wizard friend’s life is over too. He lies down, and thinks about what his parents told him. Out of nowhere he hears a loud sound, and a bunch of rustling. He is swooped out of the desk and thrown into a book bag. For about 10 minutes he’s thrown around like a rag doll and slammed into books. Finally, he is just sitting in peace. He looks up to see a small hand coming for him and tries to hide. He can’t hide in enough time, and is picked up by the tiny hand.
The tiny hand man finally speaks and says, “My name is Jeff.”
            Marcus starts squirming and can’t get lose.
Jeff puts him down on his desk and asks, “Are you a wizard?”
Marcus replies, “ Yes, please keep this a secret!”
Jeff opens the window and picks up Marcus telling him “ You secret is safe with me. I won’t tell anyone.”
Marcus runs to the closest park and meets another town of wizards in the town of Tree Trunk. He tells them he has been separated from his colony and is looking to return home. The oldest wizard shows him the map off all the surrounding wizard towns. He finds his and starts his way back, but before he leaves he tells them his wand is broken. The chief wizard gives him the most powerful wand in the world. Telling him do whatever it takes to not get seen by humans. He starts on his journey back, which is only a mile, but for a small wizard like Marcus that will take him three hours. About an hour into his journey his sees a old innocent women getting robbed.
He picks up his new wand and yells, “spelleohkioius fire ball!”
A huge fireball erupts out the end of the wand and smokes the robber in the face and knocks him out cold. The old lady is confused at what happens, but runs off in fear of getting robbed again. Marcus calls the cops, and keeps on walking hoping to be home faster. Marcus is about 30 minutes away from home when he sees a cat with a broken leg laying on the rode. Marcus uses the spell “hulkosiois” and becomes the strongest man in the world and puts the cat on his back and brings the cat back to his home with him. Him and his fellow wizards have put a healing spell on the cat. The cat’s leg is healed in less than an hour and its out into the world again. Marcus is still worried that someone’s going to find out about the wizard world. He goes and tells the chief wizard that he has met one human named Jeff. Chief elder is now furious with Marcus, and wants to kill Marcus. Chief elder starts casting fire spells at Marcus trying to ban him from the colony. Marcus grabs his new wand, and just shakes it once, and it decapitates Chief elder.              Marcus is stunned and doesn’t know what to do. He grabs the Chief elder staff, and sits in the king’s throne and now is the new Chief elder of Oak Tree. He announces through the microphone in the wall that the Chief has left the town, and Marcus is the new Chief. Marcus has arranged himself a celebration for becoming new Chief. All the babes come running to Marcus’s new room and cool him off with big tree leaves. They make him strawberry shakes, and massage his toes. The colony of wizards are spawning gifts left and right in Marcus’s room, but on special gift caught Marcus’s eye. To be continued…

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  1. I liked this PPOW because it kept you interested, and I thought it was really clever and funny. Good job!


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