Thursday, February 19, 2015

February PPOW

The beginning of my cruise started on a Saturday morning when I had to wake up at three o'clock in the morning to get ready and catch a shuttle to get to the airport.  The plan left at  eight o’clock.  Our first stop was to Atlanta, Georgia and it took us an hour and a half to get there.  Then we took another plane to Houston, Texas.  We then drove to Galveston, Texas and boarded our boat.  We boarded the boat at five and then it took two days to get to Cozumel, Mexico.  
On the way there we swam and every night they had a movie. So we sat in the hot tub on the main deck. I also went to shows while I was on the boat.  Some of the shows were dance shows, comedy shows, and couples shows. When we got to Cozumel we had to take a hour bus ride to the resort we were planning on going to that day.
Once we got to the resort the first thing we wanted to do was swim with dolphins. We got to a closed area in the ocean where they kept the dolphins. We put on life jackets and followed our dolphin trainer into the water. It was really cool we got to hold the dolphin. After that we got to grab the fin of the dolphin and it pulled us through the water.
I was so much fun. I decided that I wanted to try snorkeling while we were there since the water was so clear. I had the bright idea of not wearing a life jacket. I thought that I was good at swimming so I would not need one. It was going fine until my snorkel broke and I started choking on water.
I swam to shore and fixed it, but I decided that I had enough of that for one day. We then had to get back on the ship by five, so we didn’t have time to do anything else.
I was so happy to of gotten to swim with dolphins. It was on my bucket list. There was a  mall on the ship so my cousins and I spent our day next full day at sea shopping.
I bought something for all my friend to have, but everything ended up getting taken at the airport on our way home. We got to Progresso the next day. Progresso has the longest pier in the world, so we had a long bus ride to get to shore. Once we did get to shore we had to take a hour bus ride to the resort. The resort was not as nice as the one we went to in Cozumel.
The water in Progresso was also not nearly as clear as the water in Cozumel was. Progresso didn’t have as many activities as our first stop, so we just went to the beach and stayed there all day. We had to get back on the ship at six. The rest of the cruise was spent on the boat.
I didn’t mind being on the boat my cousins and I met a lot of new people, so we always had someone to hang out with. There was not many people our age on the boat. The only people even close to our age we met. There was only about eight people. I was pretty nice having my cousins there. There was four of them. Mia is 13, Sidney is 15, Zoey is 16, and Lexy is 12.
I only have seen them one other time not counting the cruise, and it was when I was five. I was really nervous going without my parents and not know any of the other girls. I met them the night we got on to the ship. I really happy when I ended up getting along with all of the girls.
We had a captains dinner our first full day at sea. Everybody on the ship had to wear a nice dress and a suit. There were three dining rooms to hold everybody. I didn’t mind getting dressed up since I never usually get to. When we got to our table and got our menus, I realized that all they had was seafood.
I was not to happy about that because the only thing I eat when I go anywhere is chicken strips and fries. I won’t eat anything else. My grandpa said that I had to get over that and try something else for once. He got lobster which I didn’t mind trying, but then he said I had to try snail. I was not eating snail. Then being the mean grandpa that he is, he said that if I didn’t eat it I would have to sleep outside.
I brought up the fact that I could fall into the ocean and die, but he didn’t go for that. Then I eat the snail because it was either eat the snail or fall off the boat and die. I t was the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life. The snail was slimy and chewy. Overall the trip was amazing.
It was really nice to get away from all of the cold weather and school, but I missed all of my friends and my family. The plane ride home seemed to take half the time it did to get to Texas. At the airport I got all of the gifts that I bought on the ship taken away. I didn’t really understand why starfish and sand was a danger to bring back into the country.
I argued with the guard that took my stuff, but he still didn’t give anything back. I was so happy when I got home and saw my mom. I showed her all the picture I took while I was gone. I had a really good time, but i’m glad to be home.


  1. I really liked your story about your cruise! It was very interesting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast! My favorite part was the part about the dolphins and you snorkeling. I have always what to swim with dolphins.


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