Wednesday, February 11, 2015



Farming feeds our country,
Farming feeds our nation,
Just like that Case IH Nation.
I love the red; I love the blue ,
But not that ugly green goo.
Putting Anhydrous on the fields,
So that we can get good yields.
After time is passing,
And fields are sprouting,
We must spray for those nasty weeds.
We add lime to not make a crime,
So that the corn and soybeans,
Stays nice in their prime.
Most farmers must buy seeds,
My dad gets the pioneer seed.
We use the Brent carts,
By the farming heart.
I love how we put on the plow,
But not taking care of any cows.
We have 7 bins,
That we hold all of our grain in.
Better get that crop in,
Before the frost comes in.
Being a kid is so fun,
When you get to ride in the combine.
Combining is tough,
Only if you get stuck in mud,
So you better get out of there bud.
Case International Combines aren’t just the best,
They are better than the rest.
We got barns,
And old rusty cars,
Swimming pools made from old water tanks,
And also falling off them big snow banks.
Coyotes will howl,
Coons will stay on the prowl,
But not once they meet my 22.
We hunt pheasants and deer,
As long as my uncle doesn’t drink any beer.
Hunting is fun,
When the deer are on the run.
Posting and pushing,
Is a big adrenaline rush,
When you are hiding in that brush.
Those long rainy days,
When we could be out baling hay.
We feed the cows and pigs,
With them old rusty rigs.
We string up electric fence,
So the cows don’t roam the land,
But only if I had to be the right hand man.
We would chase the cows,
Like it was a Daytona 500 race.
I love them old dirt roads,
They take me to where I want to go.
Them ponds, ponds, ponds that are flooded with fawns.
Frogs, turtles, fish, and geese are one site to see.
Technology has changed farming so much,
From horses to tractors.
Horses had to pull all the plows,
From shucking to plucking,
With them big red machines.
Now in days we don't need a map,
When we got a GPS.
This is what it tells us to do,
It makes our lives a lot easier.
We used to have pigs, chickens, and even cows,
Hardly anyone has them anymore.
But at least we still have our old dog lady.
My dog barks all night long,
especially when people pull in.
She is about 9 now,
And that is Sixty-Three in dog years.
This long boring PPOW has been such an experience.
I hope you have a brilliant Christmas,
And a Happy New Year!!!

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  1. I like this poetry because of the first poem about the farming. All the farming does feed our country and makes it so we have food.


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