Wednesday, February 11, 2015



            Ever since I was born, all I could see was blue. If it wasn’t blue, then it either was a shade of blue or was black. No one else was like me. They all could explore and see so much more then me. I always got confused. I never figured out why I was this way till today.
            My name is, Barry. Some how I got to have friends who understood or tried to understand me. I also made it through school at the top of my class. My life has never been easy though. I don’t see like everyone else.
            I just had turned twenty. I was thinking about when I turned ten because I could see a different shade. It was a mix of blue and green. Now that I have had my twentieth birthday, I can see blue, black, and now green. This has always fascinated me.
            I celebrated my birthday and was happy, but I was also confused. I didn’t understand the color changes. So when I woke up the next morning, I went to a scientist. This did nothing and didn’t help. They just ask questions and then proceeded to tell me to leave.
            I have never like scientists anyway. The ones I have been around are rude and snotty. It’s just annoying to look at them. I then went to my eye doctor and my doctor.
            None of them knew anything and didn’t know what to do. I got really curious, so I went to my mom. This was a bad choice because she is a drug user and love to drink way too much. I found her outside her house, looking for her keys that were in her hand. Did I mention she loves to drink?
It has been about a week since my birthday. I have been driving a lot and I still I have nothing to show for my color problem. I surprise everyone when I tell people I can drive, but really it’s not that hard. The shapes tell what the sign is and the position of the light tells you what you should do. I can see the green so that all that really matters too. Never have had a crash while driving a car.
I have amazed people ever since I was talking. The first word I ever said was green. Everyone says a different word so that didn’t mean anything to them at the time, but now I think that was because it was the only color I could see at the time. I went to me family again and asked about it. All they said was that they didn’t know and asked why I wanted to know.
I have been looking for answers for about two months and finally found a scientist that would talk and listen to me. I told him everything. I told him about how I have been seeing new colors but it’s only because of me getting older. He told me he wanted to run some tests and also examine my eyes. I let him do what he wanted.
He first had a nurse or doctor come in. I’m not sure who they really were. She ran some really weird tests on me. Nothing that would hurt or anything, but they were strange. She put only my head in this machine. It looked at my eye color and then looked at everything else inside my eye. Then they asked some questions.
The questions were like do you know if you had a birth defect or something wrong with you when you were born. I said I didn’t know to most of them. There was one where I told him I did know the answer to. That question was how my childhood was.
I told him “It was like any other child’s young life. I did get made fun of because I was different in physical appearance but nothing bad really happened to me and no one else knew about my color thing.”
            He ended up telling me I had something wrong at birth and that my eyes didn’t form right. The part the shows you color only formed one part and is slowly forming the others. He also told me there is no one else in the world like this. This has amazed him. He never thought something like this could happen.
            It was like I became famous over night because he put this in the paper. When I woke up I had reporters and journalists at my front door. They all wanted to know about my birth problem. I didn’t talk to any of them. To me they are a annoying.
            I was getting asked to be on television and get paid for it. I had so much going on that I didn’t know what to do with it. I ended up getting so much money that I bought an island and moved my family and I down there so we could all get away from it. By the end of the week every man, woman, and child in the world knew about me.

            I didn’t like all of this publicity because of all the pressure. I stayed away from drugs and all of the other bad things, but everyone annoyed me. The only people I could be around are my family. I never thought anything like this would every happen to me. I was an over night sensation. This is all new and everything is so different now. Some things I wish would go away and others I want to keep. I think my family would agree with me also.

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