Thursday, February 19, 2015

Josie's Car Accident

Josie’s Car Accident

I came home on the bus and I went to get the mail. All that was in it was bills, bills, and more bills. Nothing was there for me. I never get anything unless its my birthday. I went in the house and it was just me, the girls, and mom. Abby always goes straight for the kitchen because she’s always eating. Allie goes to the living room to watch T.V. She flips the channel to PBS Kids and watches Arthur. It’s a weird show, but she likes it. I wanted to see if there was anything better on,but she cries and gets her way. Allie went crying to mom and as always she yells at me. I just say sorry and go to the kitchen to get a snack. I always eat an apple. I don’t know why, but I just love apples. After my apple I started playing with Abby.
I’m in 5th grade and Abby’s in 3rd. We play the dumbest games in the world. One game is where we go outside and I hide from her, but I have to stay outside, I never do. I always come inside and watch T.V. Shes out there for like half and hour. After she comes in she yells at me then its time for supper. I don’t remember what we had. It was probably tacos because I love tacos. After dinner we started doing homework. I had a lot of math, and I dislike math. Its so hard for me and boring. Math isn’t fun at all.
I did all my homework and Abby wanted to make a obstacle course. We did and it was pretty cool. Allie wanted to go first so we were being mean to her. We kept tripping her and make her mess up. She told dad and we got in trouble. We said we wouldn’t do anything to her and we didn’t. Josie just left for her winter formal thing for Atlantic. We kept playing our game and then we started watching a movie.
Its been about two hours and mom has been calling dad, Josie, and Josies friends. Josie hasn’t been seen for two hours and nobody knows where she is. I ask dad where hes going, but he just says he going out. About 20 minutes later my moms friend comes in and shes crying her eyes out. I ask her what’s wrong and she says I’ll tell you when your grandma gets here. Nana came and she told us what had happened. Nana said, “Josie  was in a car accident and shes going to the hospital.” I instantly fall to the ground and start crying. Wyatt came home and he snapped his phone in half, he was so sad. I’ve never seen him so sad in my whole life.
This was the scariest moment in my life. Josie hit a deer and rolled the van. She was ejected from the car and she layed on that road for two hours. She tried to crawl to the closest house, but didn’t make it. She had a broken jaw, shattered hips, fractured femur, and skull. She was in critical condition. I wanted to be with her, but I couldn’t. She was improving everyday. She went in on the 19th of January and came out of the hospital on the 28th. On her birthday.
I was so happy and glad she was home. We had to take care of her and help her do everything. She was in a wheelchair and has to be in it for a long time. She was playing basketball at the time and everyone was praying for her. They bought her a bear and named it after her. It was a big bear and they brought it to every game with her jersey on it.
When she was aloud out of the house, she went to one of her games in Walnut. They had a little thing before the game for Josie and they all gave her a hug. She was so happy and a lot of people started crying. Both the teams got together and went into a circle. They prayed for her to recover quickly. She was never the same after the accident. She had some memory loss. She doesn't remember what she was thinking or doing before the accident. She’s always more careful with deer. She said after it was all over, “I hate deer.” I wouldn't blame her. The funny thing is that the deer that she hit was going to have a baby. She had a double kill. My dad told her that and she was happy.
When I went back to school the guidance counselor came to all five of us kids and said “If you need to talk I’m here for you.” I told her I’ll be fine. I walked in and all the girls gave me a hug. They were so happy to see me and they gave me a card. It was big and it was in the shape of a heart. Everyone signed it and had little notes in it. Even the lunch ladies gave my whole family cinnamon rolls.
Another accident she was on her way home from school and She was driving down the road. Max is this guy who lives down the road and hes very old. Anyway she was driving and he was going from side to side on the road. Josie was honking and honking. He wasn’t going to move or stop. She swerved and went off the road. She rolled it once and all she hurt was her ankle, but it wasn’t bad so shes okay. I love hanging around with Josie.
She’s getting surgery on one or both hips because of her bone spurs in the sockets of the hip. It’s been bothering her for along time. She was just going to get a shot in her hip to see if it’s going to get better. She was tired of it so she decided surgery is the best choice. I think she will do okay and she will get better after it.

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  1. I liked your story because I remember this and you did such a great job describing this, with all of the details. Please write more!


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