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Every year my family and I take a trip to Okoboji IA. We go the same time every year in March. We rent a cabin by the lake. We go to Okoboji with most of my step dads family. Its a large family so we rent a big house. With everybody there, it gets a little crazy.
Every family takes their turn cooking. My grandma usually does breakfast because she gets up so early. She likes to cook us bacon and eggs. The places that we go to eat are Pizza Hut, Arnold’s Park, and a Mexican restaurant.
The places that we go to Have fun are Miniature Golf Pirates cove, Wizard of Oz, Arnold’s Park. When me and my step dad go Miniature Golfing we have a lot of fun. He kicked my butt all the hundred times we went he kicked my butt but someday I will hopefully kick his butt and embarrass him in front of all our family.
Arnold’s Park is not only a small town on the lake but there is an amusement park by the same name. My favorite ride at Arnold’s Park is the roller coaster even though its a little rough it is still fun. I like the rollercoaster because it is wooden, it looks old fashioned, and I love roller coasters because it gets me an adrenaline rush.
There are other rides at Arnold’s Park such as Log Flume, roller coaster, Rock-O-Plane, Roll-O-Plane, The Raceway, Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Swinger, Boji Bounce, Long Lines        Limited Train, The Spider, The Scrambler, Water Wars, Treasure Island, The Bug House,Mirror,Maze, Spin The Apple, Tipsy House, and Tilt-A-Whirl. I've ridden some of these rides but I would like to try more. There are also many carnival games to try.
There is a tour boat called the Queen II, It gives tours around the lake. My family has never taken a tour on the Queen II, but it looks really fun and I want to try it some day.
You can go parasailing and rent jet skis at Arnold’s Park. My family always brings up a lot of tubes so we can go out on the water and enjoy the sun. We always used to tube behind a pontoon. That was not very fun at all, so my aunts husband has a boat that he brings up. It’s a lot faster, and a lot more fun. We usually have two tubes hooked up, so my sister, and cousins can hit each other off  into the water. It’s a lot more fun.
I have never been parasailing behind a boat. I really want to do it sometime. It’s really cool because you're like a bird in the air flying. I hope i can talk my mom and dad to do it this year but the only scary part about it. How do you stop?
My stepdad loves to fish up in Okoboji. Somedays he catches a lot of fish and other days he catches one or two, but he is still really happy. If the fish are big enough he takes them to my uncle and he skins them puts them in butter and when they are done we all get to eat. Fish are really good.
I wish there was a little more things to do in Okoboji because after a week or so it gets a little boring because you did everything up there. If had a choice of things I could pick and put up there I would pick like an indoor go kart track better roller coasters because that wooden one is really bumpy and I dont like it one bit. I wish there was more beach places and more water parks. And more things that kids can do. Okoboji is very fun if you never been there you should go you can go there with all of your family and go boating and swimming and have a good time.
Going on a trip with my grandpa
When I was little my grandpa and I always use to go trail riding with horses and it was really fun we went everywhere. We went to North Dakota South Dakota and that took forever to get there but when we got there we got the camper ready we ate then we got out the horses got some water and hay and they eat it all then we go out and put the saddle on the horses and then we go down the road to where the trails start and sometimes we meet people on the way that go there a lot and that know the trails better than we do and so we go on the trails start to talk and then one of the guys said there was a creek up ahead that we will have to pass and one of the laddies houses hated the water so we got to the creek all of our horses made it across even mine then it was the ladies turn so the horses was going back and forth not wanting to cross then all of a sudden it jumped the creek everybody started laughing and the girl on the horse looked like she was going to cry so we go on for like another mile or so and then the trail stopped it was getting dark and me and my grandpa decided it was time to go back to to the camper we told the people we will meet them again at 6:00 tomorrow and we did.
The next morning we got the horses feed and watered and they were already to go we met the people that we riding with  us and we started on a new trail that day was the day my mom and my step dad and sister were coming up with us it was my birthday. So we started on the trail and and there was another crick and i was like oh no this will take a long time but the horse was acting different than all of a sudden the horse just walked across like it was no big deal and we all said yay. So began on the trail then my grandpa got a phone call that my mom was close and we needed to wait at the camper for them and so we did we went back to the camper and then my mom showed up and gave her a really big hug and i asked her did you bring any food because i am starving and she did theres more to the story but i hit my last page to buy.      


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  1. I really think that every time Korbin goes up to Okoboji he has a great time. Also, I can say so myself because I go up there every year also.


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