Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Hockey Killer

The Hockey Killer
One day my friends and I were going to a hockey game. When we got there, it looked awesome! Don't let it fool you. We got our tickets and went to our sets, but when we got there something was not right. There was at least over two hundred people, so nothing shouldn't have happen. The lights went out, and a bunch of lights start to flicker and move around. Then the hockey players came out. Molly said that she would be back because she had to use the bathroom. After she left, it was at least thirty minutes, so Alyssa went to go find her. Alyssa never came back. I went off to go find them, but I couldn't find them anywhere! The next thing I saw was that Alyssa dropped her IPod. I picked it up and went looking so more but the next thing you know I was mugged and taken somewhere and I saw Alyssa, Molly sitting down and is tied down. I tried to move but I was tied down as well. Then three boys came into the room and said that if they said anything we would be killed. Alyssa tried to stand up, but she couldn’t. One of the boys pushed her down and told her to not to move. Molly seen a knife on the ground and waited for the boys to leave. All of a sudden a famous hockey player walked in the room.
“Now ladies, lets not get this in all the wrong way but you three are worth a lot of money.” He said to us in a mean way. I tryed to stand but I was pushed back down. “You three better stay here and do as I say.” Molly got up and got lose and grabbed the knife that was on the floor. She was pointing it at the hockey player. She told him “You better let me and my friends go and no one gets hurt.” The hockey player walked closer and closer then grabbed her arm and took the knife and stabbed her in the gut. Alyssa got up with some tears falling down her face, she tried to get lose to pick up Molly, but she was too late. I shook my head to tell Alyssa to not do anything. the hockey player dropped the knife and left the room. Alyssa brakes out and unties me and we try to find a way out.

“There has to be a way out!” Alyssa said in anger. “Alyssa I think we are stuck in here, I sorry Alyssa.” I told her in a nice way. Alyssa fell to her knees and cried. I picked her up and I seen a way out. “Alyssa!” She yelled at her. I helped her out and I tried to get out. Alyssa grabbed my hand and pulled me up. One of the boys tried to grab my leg but then missed it by an inch. Then we ended up on the hockey ice with all the players on it even the player that killed Molly. He looked at us and then he skied away.  

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