Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Nightmare

The Nightmare
There once was a gorilla named Jamie that lived in the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. He lived in a small glass dome with many other gorillas and orangutans. Jamie’s favorite snack was bananas and peanut butter. Jamie’s best friend was a zoo keeper by the name of Kevin Wieser. Kevin and Jamie did everything together swing on the swing, run on the treadmill and occasionally eat ice cream. Kevin was also the owner of the Henry Doorly Zoo. His parents had bought it when he was only four years old. He has spent his whole life around animals, and he loved interacting with them and taking care of them. He loved all animals but his favorite was Jamie.
One day Kevin didn’t show up for work so Jamie became very worried and tried to escape from his cage. Some of the other gorillas that lived in the Henry Doorly Zoo became very worried too. Every gorilla started to become very agitated and nervous. Burt, the largest gorilla in the zoo, began slamming his fists against the glass window. All of the sudden the glass on the outside of the dome shattered, and all of the gorillas including Jamie began charging out of the dome. People screamed, and began running out of the zoo. The gorillas searched and searched for Kevin but couldn’t find him. They began searching houses and cars for Kevin but they still couldn’t find him.
Then they saw cop cars chasing them from behind. Burt led the pack through the trees and on rooftops. They kept on running until the city was just a speck along the horizon. They stopped and slept in some tall oak trees along a creek. Burt kept watch for any unusual signs or noises. The next day Kevin heard about the news and went searching for the gorillas. Kevin was very worried that the gorillas would be harmed or might even be killed. He went to every place where Jamie would like to go like Buffalo Wild Wings and Rainforest Cafe. Kevin found no sign of the gorillas; he had a whole search team looking for them, but no one had found them yet.
Three days later Kevin began getting very worried and thought they were long gone. Then out of nowhere his cell phone began to ring. It was Jack the leader of the search team he said they had found footprints leaving the city and into the Black woods. Kevin jumped up, slammed the door open, threw on his shoes, and started his car. He sped down the interstate towards the Black woods. Burt alerted the group of a car coming down the long brown dirt road in the distance. The gorillas slowly watched as Jack and the search team got out of their cars. The gorillas ran as fast as they could through the shallow creek and down into the valley.
Jack and his search team journeyed through the thick green jungle searching for a sign of the group. Two days had passed and they hadn’t seen one footprint or sign. Then one night after the search team had gone to sleep and Jack lay awake staring at the stars. He heard the sound of a freight train chugging through the thick brush. Then he saw Burt staring at him eye to eye.
He awoke all the campers by yelling at them to get up. The campers all jumped up and saw the gorilla and goosebumps began to arise on their necks. Then all of the gorillas had surrounded them and began grunting and pounding their chests warning them that this was their territory. Some of campers had begun panicking, and going in their tents and then everything went black.
Jack woke up with dirt coating his eyes and nose. He got up and looked around there was no sign of anybody just the sight of tents scattering the ground around him. Where has everybody gone? He looked down and saw tarnished clothing and a couple of walkie talkies. He yelled all day but still no sign of any of the campers. He searched through the trees, in the woods, around the creek along the mountains. Then he got a call from Kevin saying that a camper was spotted being dragged by a bunch of gorillas through the meadow. Then Jack told Kevin everything he could remember Kevin was shocked and told Jack to meet him by the meadow.
The campers were being held hostages by the aggressive crazy gorillas. Burt and Jamie were the leaders of the group making sure no one escaped. They were in a cave south of the meadow and under a large oak tree. No one would find them in this strategical hiding spot. The campers were terrified cold and shivering in the pitch black with the gorillas. They hadn’t had food or for over a day now and hadn’t seen Jack.  
Kevin and Jack met by the meadow and began a search through the meadow and into the woods. They found some of the campers supplies such as compasses, binoculars, pocket knifes, water containers, car keys, and other essentials. Kevin and Jack became very worried and then Jack found a cave in the forest. He could hear the sounds of breathing and crying in the cave. He yelled at Kevin to come over there and check it out. When Kevin got there Jack was gone he looked into the cave and saw eyes staring right back at him. Then he started running as fast as he could away from the cave but not as fast as Burt. Burt caught him from behind and threw him against a tree that knocked Kevin out.
Kevin woke up from his horrible dream to the annoying sound of his alarm clock. He was already an hour late to work.  He went and took a shower then put on his clothes. Next he got a call from the zoo delivering some shocking news that the gorillas had escaped from their cage.   

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