Friday, February 6, 2015

January P.P.O.W. Poetry

This is my poetry,
It’s probably bad.
I did my best,
So don’t go mad.
When you hear my poetry
You will cry.
It’s horrible poetry.
Sorry for disappointing.
I swear I tried to do my best,
But sadly it was not enough.
My poetry is bad.
That’s all I can say.
Without any more warnings.
Here is my poetry.
The Lonely Star
The star is shinning above my head,
I want to touch it before I fall asleep in bed.
That shining star is all I can see,
This world is dark nothing but me.
It is lonely and dark as the whole world slumbers,
That shinning star is my only friend.
It’s the only light that I see,
Except for the moon right behind me.
The sky is darkened,
No one around to watch the light,
The star starts to fade,
Now I know,
That I am truly alone.

The Night Moon
The streetlights come on.
The kids go inside.
The sun is setting.
Almost gone.
The laughter stops as the kids go to sleep.
As the day takes its final breathe,
The moon comes out to shine.
The moon illuminates the empty street.
The night is quiet except for,
Sounds of owls softly hooting.
The night is dark and cold at times.
Nights can be dark and warm at times.
Nothing compares to the glow of the moon.
Except for the stars shining brightly.
When I fall asleep,
I seem to dream.
When I dream,
I dream of wonderful things.
Wonderful things dance around in my mind.
I don’t feel like I can cry.
I can laugh, sing, and dance.
Nothing can go bad.
My dreams are happy and sweet.
As I dream of wonderful things.
My Cat
My cat is called Lancealot.
He is my baby.
I love him a lot.
My cat is amazing,
He is very lazy.
Always lounging about.
When I’m not around he is always meowing.
He is almost eleven.
He is black and white.
My cat is my cat and he is perfect.
The End
This is the end
My poetry is finished.
I hope you didn’t go mad,
Or get sad.
I hope that you definitely didn’t cry.
If you did I am sorry,
For I might have scared you for life.
Once again I will tell you,
I did my best.
In the end it is still poetry.
It may be bad poetry.
But I hope you enjoyed.
I hope you didn’t go mad or get sad.
This is the end so


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