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Leonardo DiCaprio

Rikki Peck
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February 6, 2015
      Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. He is 40 years old. Leonardo’s nicknames were Leo and Lenny D. Leonardo was an only child from his parents George DiCaprio and Irmelin Indenbirken. Leonardo DiCaprio is a male American actor. He is best and most known for his good looks and his acting talents.
In Leo’s early age as a toddler his parents divorced. He was mostly raised by his mother Irmelin, she was a legal secretary born in Germany. Even though his parents were divorced, he still remained close and had contact with his father. Later on, Leo was interested in acting. He mostly loved imitating people from different characters. On the other hand, Leo didn’t have too much success until he reached his teenage years.
More of his toddler life is, his mother signed him up with his talent at age five years old. Leo debut on a popular children’s television show. That was also before he got removed because he was being too disruptive. He attended John Marshall High School. When he was around the age 14 years old he got signed to an agency. That’s when he popped up into Match-box car commercials.  
During most of his life as an actor, he found himself as the center of attention. He was off and on a bunch of times with his supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen from 2000 to 2005. Later, he then, starting dating another supermodel, her name was  Bar Refaeli for several years. In 2011 Leo then linked to actress Blake Lively.
When Leo was offscreen and away from the paparazzi he had a passion for environmental issues.  In the year 2000, Leo hosted an Earth day celebration. He interviewed Bill Clinton about global warming. Leo is also one of the founders of  The Leonardo Dicaprio Fund at California Community Foundation. That fund would bring awareness to lots of environmental causes. Leonardo’s biggest/highest wish in life is to save the environment and to also live in peace.
Leo has been attracting attention from TV shows to movies. Some TV shows Leo has been a part of are Biography, Growing Pains, Parenthood, The Outsiders, Santa Barbara and more. Some movies he has also acted in are Titanic, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Foot Shooting Party and more. Leo’s salary from starring in these TV shows and movies is $20,000,000 and that was last reported.
One of the most popular movie he has played in was the Titanic. The Titanic was about 17 year old girl was suppose to be married into a rich climate but instead, she falls in love with a poor but artistic and luxurious boy. From that movie Leonardo made $2,500,000.
In the following year of 1991 Leo starred in the horror film Critters three. That movie led to a TV show called Growing Pains. Then that led to him the lead role of This Boy’s Life. That same year that led him to playing in a movie with Johnny Depp. That movie was called What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. In that movie he made $75,000. Also in that movie he acted in that with Juliette Lewis. That movie was about Gilbert which was acted by Johnny Depp he had to care for his little brother Arnie which was acted by Leo himself and also had to care for his obese mother. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was such a success and DiCaprio earned Academy Award nomination.
In the year of 2002 DiCaprio starred in two retained films called Catch Me If You Can. He acted in that with Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, and Martin Sheen. That movie was about a confidence  trickster who made a fortune for what he does. He made $20,000,000. His other movie he had acted in was Gangs of New York. The movie was about a young Irish immigrant that got out of prison and is trying to seek revenge on his father’s killer. That movie he made $10,000,000 plus his gross points.
DiCaprio went to work with a Scorsese again. When Leo did that it was his third collaboration. It was 2006 thriller called The Departed with Matt Damon. The movie was most acclaimed of the year. Then came around the movie Blood Diamond that earned Leo’s third Academy Award. He played the diamond smuggler.
In the year of 2013 he worked again with Baz Luhrmann. Together, they shot a big-screen adaption for The Great Gatsby.  As with J. Hoover they had mixed views while Leo was given a thumbs up from the critics. That same year he also starred in another Scorsese picture from the movie called the The Wolf of Wall Street. That was shot in the year of 2013. This movie was based on a stockbroker who got arrested in the late 1990’s from all the fraud. He got another Academy Award for with other projects down the pipeline. We have not seen the last of Leonardo yet.

Over the years we have seen how far Leonardo DiCaprio has came in his career, even if they were small or big or nothing at all. He still found someway to catch the critics eyes. Leo has done a lot of his career. He has played in over 26 movies and more to come in the year 2015. He has also done a lot of work to get where he is now. Although Leo has no kids or wife at the age of 40 years old, he will always have his acting career.  

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  1. This is an interesting story because of how his life is. He has done a lot of movies and T.V. shows over the years. He is still alive and is doing really well in his career.


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